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NHL 13 Patch and Tuner Notes  XML
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As part of keeping the EA SPORTS NHL community more informed with what is going on with their game, we are going to start publishing notes on what is included in our upcoming Tuner Updates and Patches.

This is a work in progress, and we're not always going to be perfect but if you bear with us we'll do our best to keep you in the loop.

Tuner & Patch Updates:

Name: Pre-Release
Date: Pre-09/11/12 (Pre-Release)
  • Goalies taking a better angle to the puck short side. This makes the slot more effective than bad angle shots when taking a good settled wrist shot. (short side is still possible but takes the goalie being a bit more out of position and/or a great shot)

  • Increase in penalties across the board (with a specific look at tripping)

  • Significantly lowered the chance of the high percentage goal where players were skating backwards then pivoting back to their forehand around the goalie

  • Significantly lowered the chance of the high percentage goal where players would use protect puck to circle around the net and tuck it in far side

  • Goalies are more effective on breakaways. Scoring on simpler dekes is much less effective but players can still score many ways on breakaways (shots or dekes to all parts of the net).

  • AI on All Star difficulty and above are more aggressive.

  • Goalie will no longer try to cover pucks that are far beyond their reach.

  • Goalies react better to shots on the rush since they anticipate a shot more than when a team has setup and they have to track multiple players.

  • Backwards skating with the puck is less effective.

Name: Tuner 1.01
Date: 09/13/2012
  • Fixes the issue where every shift would begin at a faceoff in Be A Pro when a User would sim to next shift.

Name: Tuner 1.02
Date: 09/14/2012

  • Grades for Goalies in Be a Pro/EASHL – Tuned to how shooting percentage effected goalie ratings in NHL 12.

  • Tripping and Interference penalties increased

Name: Patch 1.02 (PS3)
Date: 09/20/2012

Patch 1.02
  • PS3 Stanley Cup Edition not awarding Hockey Ultimate Team packs

  • Please enter your Stanley Cup Edition HUT code to receive your reward if you have not already done so

  • PS3 GameStop/EB Games Pre-order codes not awarding Hockey Ultimate Team Packs

  • Please enter your Pre-order code to receive your reward if you have not already done so

  • Reduces frame rater jitter on the PS3 as experienced by a number of players in all game modes but was most noticeable in OTP

Name: Tuner 1.03
Date: 09/21/2012

Tuner 1.03
  • Increased AI goalie glove and stick high ratings

  • Slightly lowered wrist shot accuracy

  • Increased AI goalie rebound control

  • Decreased AI ability to make long stretch passes when Users were calling for a pass.

  • Reverted the previous tuner change that fixed the issue where players were only starting their BAP shift at a faceoff since it raised the chance of a crash. We are continuing to look for an alternate fix for how to allow Users to start shifts mid play.

Name: Tuner 1.04
Date: 09/27/2012

Tuner 1.04
All Modes
  • Greater chance of penalty being called if a player is tripped (stumbles will now be considered trips)

  • Pokecheck less effective in HUT

  • Goalies less vulnerable on shots from distance on the rush on Game Styles Normal and Hardcore.

  • Decreased AI ability to make long stretch passes when Users were calling for a pass.

  • Increase penalty calls across the board

  • Increase effect of CPU Opponent and CPU Teammate penalty sliders

  • Increase chance of slash being called on stick lift from a bad angle

  • Increase likelihood of interference being called

  • Increase chance of CPU clearance being played over the boards

  • Increase chance of boarding, charging and hitting from behind being called

  • Increase time CPU will finish checks after puck is released

Name: Tuner 1.05
Date: 10/12/2012
All Modes
  • Increased goalie ability to stop slower shots from distance.

  • Goalies ability to move laterally and stop one-timers toned down.*

  • AI Skating attributes in EASHL increased slightly to keep up with User player progression.

* There will still be amazing saves, however, there is now a greater range in how well the goalie may read the play which on average will yield better offensive results on good passing plays than it was in the past.

October Title Update & Tuner 1.06
Date: October 23rd

NHL 13 Patch

Gameplay Updates
• Separated ability for backwards to forwards pivot for ‘with puck’ and ‘without puck’ and made it quicker to pivot without the puck.
• Poke checking – fixed bug causing players to always miss to the same side of the puck.
• Goalies will be more aware of shots right off a faceoff in the offensive zone.
• Goalies will have a harder time dealing with screens.
• Ability to tune shooting back against the grain so it can be less accurate/effective than shooting with your weight behind the shot and moving towards your shooting direction.
• Ability for players to be more susceptible to lose the puck when getting hit while skating backwards with the puck at speed.
• Prevented desperation shots from knocking the puck away from the goalie minimizing the strategy of diving at the goalie to knock the puck loose.
• Fixed shootout logic in GM Connected to include both locked and unlocked users.
• Allowed BAP games to resume from simulation in the middle of a shift (fixed crash when sim intervening).
• Fixed goals screening goalie stat.
• Goalie has a better chance of squaring up to shots from far out.
• Improved orientation of off-puck players in one-timer situations.
• Improved AI behavior against a back skating puck carrier.
• Fixed hit power sliders so only the hitter’s slider value matters.
• Fixed AI players occasionally standing around looking at the puck when resuming from simulation in BAP.
• Fixed BAP being taken off the ice after a short shift that results in a stoppage.
• Fixed rapidly spinning players in BAP when resuming from simulation.
• Ability to tune players puck control coming out of a 45 glide deke.
• Ability to tune CPU pass error on long passes.
• Improved puck hop behavior when it hits the boards.
• Pokechecking effectiveness range tweaked. Players with better stick checking skill will stand out more compared to players with lover ratings in that category.
• Tuned goalies and shooting accuracy to ensure shots in the slot/middle of the ice are more effective than shots from sharp angles.
• Tripping penalties are more likely to be called

Presentation and Graphics
NEW - Added unique (green) Reebok 20K EA Sport branded skates and stick to the RBK pre-order pack (XBOX).
NEW - Added unique (blue) Reebok 20K EA Sport branded skates and stick to the RBK pre-order pack (PS3).
NEW - 2012 Winter Classic Jerseys (PHI / NYR) now selectable in regular game modes.
• Reduces frame rate jitter on the Xbox 360 as experienced by a number of players in all game modes but was most noticeable in OTP/EASHL (XBOX).
• Replay Wipe timing fixed.
• Commentary for replays won’t continue if a replay has been skipped.
• Action Tracker post effects (barrel distortion on net cam) is working correctly.
• Tampereen Ilves home/away jerseys now displays correct logo.
• Dynamic board ads added to Toronto’s stadium.
• Snow on players/goaltender/environment now fades out more smoothly/realistically.
• Flag holders in the Winter Classic stadium now stand correctly at all corners of the flag.
• Lulea HF center ice logo now displaying correctly.
• Transition wipes should no longer hold on white frame longer than necessary.
• Boston jumbotron no longer white; has proper textures (PS3).
• Rare occurrence of skate spray not lining up correctly with action now fixed inside of the Action Tracker.
• Shuffling of NIS’ has been improved. Less chance of seeing the same NIS inside of the same game.
• Goalie stick mirroring has been corrected. Blade will now be pointing in the right direction during shootout NIS’.
• NHL Moments Live snow build up on ice will now work correctly.
• Calgary Flames now have proper logos on helmet for both Home/Away.
• Prevented replay speech from playing over top a fight or if goof off is skipped.

Hockey Ultimate Team
NEW - implement training duration item so training items can last for multiple games.
• Addressed an issue where some users were not getting Puck rewards for playing games and would sometimes get a Loss for actually winning games.
• Fixed an issue where players would continue to receive the Happy Hour bonus if they never disconnect from the EA servers and continued to play HUT games.
• Fixed an issue where after playing a game against the Team of the Week or a team from the Leaderboards screen, the wrong roster would be downloaded for all of the teams in the EAUHL 24/7 league when playing a Single Player game.
• Item Pack Art EASST Player Premium Pack art now shows Promo and not Deal.
• Fixed an issue where players would see an error message with missing text when bidding on the same item over and over until while being out bided by another player.
• Applied training boosts are no longer used up for players in the user's Scratched Roster.
• If user has a Stanley Cup edition item in their starting lineup, they are no longer able to add that same player from the New Items screen, thus resulting in them having 2 of the same players in their lineup.
• Fixed an issue where users are not getting wins for opponent DNFs when playing Online Tournaments against the same opponent twice.
• Fixed a crash that occurred when a player enters the Watch list and highlights a sold (green outline) item.
• Online Tournament opponent searches now check for player skill level and team star rating.
• Fixed the crash when applying Consumable items to some of the players in the New Items screen.
• Addressed an issue where spamming in and out of a challenge team game will cause a blank lineup screen to appear.
• Fixed an issue where users would advance through tournament rounds by entering the tournament tree and then playing through a regular non-tournament game (online and offline).

• Addressed an issue where players that should not be considered waiver eligible were being listed as waiver eligible.

Be A Pro
• Tuned off season player growth effect on the BAP player EXP Growth.
• Fixed an issue where the player’s BAP team would not sign FA’s or RFA’s to contracts.

GM Connected
• New - Trade messaging has been added to the mode.
• Speed up Hub loading times.
• Improved responsiveness when scrolling through the Main Menu to reduce accidently scrolling past the option players want to select.
• Improved scrolling when looking to selecting a team on the trade player screen and select team screen.
• Users should no longer be able to adjust the gameplay sliders during a CPU game.
• Improved responsiveness of league search screens.
• Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause a crash when bringing up the player list on the Trade Player screen.
• Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash while backing out of the mailbox screen.
• Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash while loading into the GM Connected HUB.
• Fixed a rare crash that could occur when proposing a trade to a CPU team (also fixed in Be-A-GM).

Online Team Play / EASHL
• Addressed an issue where team members from different regions could not match up together in a club practice and the matchmaking would fail as a result.
• Fixed PS3 microphone fluctuations when not set in HQ mode.
• Resolved an issue with EASHL matchmaking where it was returning the captain’s versus skill level instead of the club’s skill level. This will improve the accuracy of matchmaking.
• Addressed an issue where Hockey Shop Boosts were being unequipped to the player’s EASHL Pro upon reboot of their console.

Name: Tuner 1.07
Date: 12/04/2012

Tuner 1.07

• Reduce ability to score with slap shots in close to the goalie
• Increase the effect of the injury slider

• Reduce ability to score with flip dump at the net

• Increase injuries in HUT

Tuner 1.08

• Fix an exploit that lets you dispossess a puck carrier when he tries to pass or shoot by spamming fight instigate button (Y).

• Fix for a very rare desync that would take place at the moment a goal was scored.

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Updated with information on Tuner 1.07.

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Updated with info on Tuner 1.08!



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