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Cannot download Supernatural purchased from Origin  XML
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Joined: 09/09/2012 07:51:40
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I have been trying for a week to download the Supernatural expansion for TS3. I follow all the prompts and click on the download link for the purchase. I see a line of link text at the bottom of screen, but nothing happens.


I tried to manually access this link but this was the result

[i]Windows has the following information about this Protocol. This page will help you find software needed to open your file.

Protocol Type: ealink

Description: UnKnown

Windows does not recognize this Protocol. [/i]

I had [and reported] a similar problem when downloading from the EA Store when Origin first came into use.
I had no satisfaction from that report. I changed to Google Chrome and it threw up an error message regarding a link - I had the option of allowing the connection or not.

I suspect there is something similar occurring here. I can download items puchased with points from the EA Store through Origin, but not this one which I purchased directly from Origin.

I am not a happy subscriber.

Can anyone offer pertinent advice? Thanks.

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hello millythree ,

Thanks for posting here.
It is the best way to visit help.origin.com.
A live advisor will assist you to solve your problem.

Joined: 09/09/2012 07:51:40
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I have since posted a further 'reply' on this subject. I resolved the matter with outside help, as I had had no further contact from EA since the above advice re personal contact. . . which has not eventuated, except to inform me by email that no further notifications will occur because of the above reply from EA. unless I initiate them. huh?

Unfortunately, I have no great faith in "support" for EA games as experience has shown responses are either a nonevent, simply refer one to the Resource FAQs [ and anyone with an ounce of gumption looks for answers there before going further] or do not address the specific problem raised, because they are generated from a pro forma list of details.

I strongly feel the instructions that show -immediately after purchase of an EA game [I nothing nothing about any others] . for downloading that purchase, should be amended to preclude my experience from happening to inexperienced users. It can be frustrating not to be able to obtain a purchased item, even by following erstwhile proper links.

Following the prompts on the Customer purchase history screen - i.e. to go to download . . and then [u][b]the green link [/b][/u]for the download itself - does not work for everyone. [b] It did not for me.[/b] Not on any of three different browsers.

I found out by accodental means that I needed to access Origin via a shortcut installed with the programme when it was originally loaded. [no pun intended ].

Nowhere - to my certain knowledge - on the Origin site where the purchase was completed [www.origin.com] is this mentioned.

I strongly feel that this experience is not how it should be and had I not been lucky enough to mention my problem to a complete 'outsider', and got a workable solution, I would not have ever downloaded this way again.

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