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Drag Mode - An Overview

With the release of Drag Mode fast approaching it's time to start discussing some of the details of the new mode. We’re going to ease into it today with a quick overview, and than in the coming days we'll really dig into the details. So let's get started!

Drag mode is going to be a multiplayer race mode which means that players will be able to join a drag race through either match-making or via Private Match (no single player against A.I.). Players will be able to race against up to 5 opponents allowing for a maximum of 6 drivers in each race, though certain events will be for 2 or 4 players only. All drivers will have their own lane at the start of the race but that doesn't guarantee that you'll have your own lane for the duration of the race!

When Drag is first released there will be four drag events that you'll be able to race on, including the community's favorite drag spot, the bridge!

There's a lot more to drag racing than just holding down the gas pedal. You'll need to get a great start off the line, master shifting shift changing at the right times, change lanes to avoid traffic or your opponents and much more. All these are details that we're going to get into in tomorrow's blog!


It's been a while since Drag Racing has been in any Need for Speed game. The most recent NFS it was in was SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED and before that PRO STREET. Today we're extremely proud to announce that Drag Mode will be released in Need for Speed World very soon!

For those of you who don't know what Drag Racing is allow us to clarify; it's a race, usually in a straight line, with one purpose only - BE THE FIRST TO THE FINISH LINE!

Over the next week we're going to be publishing a blog each day containing information about the upcoming Drag Mode. We'll be discussing the basics as well as more advanced settings such as the new pre & post-race screens, Launches, Shifting and racing in MANUAL TRANSMISSION!

Once we've posted all the blogs we'll end with a Live Chat to give you a sneak peak of Drag mode and answer all your questions. But we'll post more about the Live Chat later...

For tomorrow's blog we're going to kick things off nice and easy by discussing the basics of the new mode. After that, we'll get into the fine details so be sure to come back every day for all the latest info!


Yesterday we give a basic overview of the new Drag mode so today let’s get into all the different stages of a drag race in Need for Speed World!

Once you join the new pre-race lobby you'll notice a few changes from the lobby you're used to seeing. It's been simplified with a new and improved layout that gives players the ability to toggle their transmission (Automatic or Manual). Additionally, when you click on an opponent’s name you'll get a full 3D view of the player’s car as well as its Class, Performance ratings (HAT ratings) and what parts are installed on it.

Once you're in the drag race you're going to be introduced to an entirely new HUD in NFS World:

1. Gear Indicator
Displays the current gear your car is in

2. Shift Zones
Ranges in the RPMs that when you shift gears in will either benefit or hinder your race:
- Yellow zone: Good Shift
- Green zone: Perfect Shift that will give you an added nitrous boost
- Red zone: Over rev resulting in a slow shift

Note: When the RPM enters each shift zone a shift indicator light will appear at the top of the screen with the corresponding color to provide a secondary notification of when to shift.

3. Tachometer
Displays the cars current RPM

4. Race Information
Displays key race information such as race time, current position and opponents in the race.

If you've ever seen a drag race in real life you know that the countdown at the starting line is one of the most important parts of the race. It's all about getting that perfect start off the line! Like all other races modes in NFS World, you need to time the RPM to be in the green zone for a perfect launch!

Once you get off the line you're going to need to simultaneously manage your gear shifts while keeping an eye on the race to ensure you don't hit any opponents or traffic cars. Great gear shifting is vital to any victory on the drag strip so you're always going to want to change gears in the green zone to get a perfect shift and that added nitrous boost!

It is very important to note that if you're running the race with an automatic transmission you'll get good shifts every gear change. Therefore, if you're going after that perfect shift you're going to need to run in manual. Use the Left Shift, or Flick up on the XBox 360 right analog stick to gear up and use Left Ctrl, or Flick down on the Xbox 360 right analog stick to gear down.

Once you're off the line you're always going to have to manage your cars' lane position during the race. Cars will stay in their current lane while moving forward, no steering required even when the track itself goes around a bend in the road. To change lanes move right/left to switch to the next available lane. This is especially important because you need to avoid traffic cars at all costs and even though you start off with your own lane doesn't mean it'll be there throughout the race. There is always the possibility your lane will end and you'll be forced to change lanes or suffer the consequences.

If you're successful you'll make it to the finish line and if you're good, you'll win the race. Once the race is finished you'll be advanced to the new and improved post-race screen. Like the pre-race screen, the post-race screen has been simplified with a greater focus on the top three placed drivers in the race.

And that’s the basic anatomy of a drag race in Need for Speed World. Tomorrow we'll be discussing the new Drag Skill Mods...


In yesterday’s Drag Mode blog we discussed the anatomy of a drag race starting n the pre-race lobby and ending in the post-race screen. Today, we’re going to be covering the new Drag specific Skill Mods that will become available when Drag Mode is released.

When Drag first becomes available, there will be three new Skill Mods to help give you the edge in your races:

Launch Grip “Takeoff”
- This Skill Mod Improves acceleration in Drag races by enhancing tire grip at race start. The basic version can be purchased in the Skill Mod Shop, while the more advanced versions can be won from the lucky draw or from race skill packs in the Card Pack store.

Gear Ratio Enhancement “Well Oiled Machine”
- Increases the size of the RPM band required to hit a Perfect or Good Shift, which makes it easier to hit. Like Launch Grip, you can find some in the Skill Mod Shop while the higher-rated ones need to be found in the lucky draw or from race skill packs.

Aero Drag Reduction “Aero Drag”
- This mod improves aerodynamic properties on the car, thus boosting its performance in Drag races.
- Aero Drag will be exclusively pre-installed on any ‘drag’ edition cars and will not available from the lucky draw or card packs

Each skill will be available in different ‘star’ qualities. 3-star Skill Mods will give you the most benefit, so install them on your rides to boost your chances of winning!

Now you know everything you need to know for the upcoming release of Drag Mode in Need for Speed World! Next Tuesday we’re going to be hosting a LIVE Chat on Origin where we’re going to give everyone a sneak peak at Drag Mode and answer any questions you may have about it. For more information on the Live Chat visit Origin.com.

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