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Hey there!
This guide is for users looking to see how they can maximize their revenue and cash flow using three houses.Some people don't like to build houses in bulk and that's fair enough, but this is for users looking to generate that extra cash effectively and efficiently based on their usage.

we'll cover 3 houses that are the most viable for maximum cash flow and hourly revenue assuming you have a conformity bonus of 4% which can be easily obtained by maximizing tree-hugging and vanity etc.

Brown House------2XP $7--------every 5 minutes
Purple House------8XP $78-------every 3 hours
Blue House--------14XP $156----every 8 hours

In theory the Hourly revenue of the brown house stands at $84, if you can manage to tap it every 5 minutes consistently for a hour (12 overall taps) This is unrealistic and even the most active user would have trouble with this.
so lets assume the normal user checks their Springfield once an hour to reassign 60 minute jobs and the most active user taps the brown house 4 times an hour,realistic hourly revenue for the brown house would stand at two extreme ends 2XP/7XP-8XP/$27

Brown House Average Hourly Revenue - 5XP/$17
Purple House Hourly Revenue- 2.6XP/$26
Blue House Hourly Revenue - 1.8XP/$19.5

As you can see the brown house comes in on top when it comes to XP and its only marginally less than blue house.It would be wise to invest in purple houses as apposed to blue, because the initial cost of 1100 for a purple house is 700 less than the initial cost to build a blue house therefore, your investment would cover the sunk cost much quicker, there are advantages though for a blue house if you rarely log into the game.

So lets break down how long it would take to make back the invested money in each house
based on average hourly revenue

Brown House-$355-21 hours (51 taps)
Purple House-$1100-42 hours (14 taps)
Blue House-$1800-92 hours (11 taps)

Assuming everyone can play within 16 hours and sleep for 8 hours, the blue house can be tapped twice a day and the investment will be paid off within 6 days, the purple house will be payed off in 2.5-3 days and the brown house can be paid off in 1.3-2 days. Although the brown house investment is quickly retrieved it does not give a high reward after that and can limit space and revenue maximization.

Finally lets look at total daily revenue for each house (assuming 16 hours and 10 of each House built) we need to sleep!

Brown House=$2720
Purple House=$3900(based on 15 hours as the regeneration of 3 hours is impossible on 16)
Blue House=$3,120

Due to all this data it looks like the purple house comes on top for the average user, The brown house is the best house to gain xp from due to its 2XP per 5 minute regeneration rate, for the user that has work or cannot access the app regularly then the blue house is made for them!

Another handy tip is to put all your characters on roughly the same time consuming job, therefore you can log in every hour for the 60m jobs and reassign them again to make a nice profit, if youre less active go for the 4h-8h jobs, in comparison the 12 and 24 hour jobs don't pay well in enough if broken down.

In conclusion its clever to invest the bulk of your money into buying fields of purple houses, if youre an active user there is a gold mine in brown houses due to the XP and the more you play the more they are suited to making you money (personally i cant be bothered) but it takes alot of dedication to the game. Blue houses can be handy if you have other commitments such as work.

So get out there and build the combination that works for you!!

I'm new to this forum so i thought i'd give my input you can add me on TappedOut using: Amirfield

Hope this helps!

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