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Simcity Beta - Game Installs but wont start  XML
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Joined: 02/16/2013 17:30:03
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I got my beta key a few weeks ago, I installed the game but it said I had to wait until today to play my 1 hours. Today when I went to start the game it says

"Unreleased Title"
SimCity Closed Beta is an unreleased title. You must wait until the official release date to play.

But that's today!!!

I tried to use my same key to re-download but it says it already been used. I would really like to at least play my 1 hours.

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Hi CyberAxe,

Please contact the EA Customer Experience for help.
There are two ways.
1. Direct to http://help.origin.com (click “Contact US”).
2. At Origin client:
First please confirm your Origin language is “English US”.
(Click “Origin” --> Application settings --> General tab --> Origin Client Language-->English US.)
Then click "Help"(top left corner) --> “Origin Help” (menu option) --> Live Chat (top right corner of the Origin Help page).

Please visit help.origin.com for solutions to common Origin issues.

Joined: 02/16/2013 17:30:03
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I've waited waiting an hour for a under 5 minute wait....
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