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We are working hard to resolve a problem that is at the heart of the issues which some players have reported.

Trading not working consistently
Unable to load/claim city errors
Getting stuck in a loop in the tutorial

To that end we are currently rolling out a server update which we believe will improve performance considerably. This will involve restarts over the next 4-5 hours across all of our current severs. Minor player impact may occur, such as trading not working consistently and the region wall not working occasionally.

We appreciate your continued patience and support while this fix is being deployed.

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Now lets us EU people Pre load the game or its going to Destroy your servers

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[quote=Axke]Now lets us EU people Pre load the game or its going to Destroy your servers [/quote]

yup, let us pre-load it aswell :/

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Bevy can you PLEASE comment on whether if you buy the Windows version if you will be able to switch over to the mac version upon release at no cost? I know a lot of people are not buying the game right now until this question is answered.

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Any word on the friends list issue? My friend and I want to play together but says it not working.

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Thank you very much for keeping us up to date on the issues you are working. I'm sure the non-vocal majority is understanding of the technical issues that,plague this kind of effort, and it is important to us that you remain open, honest and informative on these issues.


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thanks for the 411

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Lifewelll wrote:Any word on the friends list issue? My friend and I want to play together but says it not working.

Make sure you both pick the Same server, it is an easy oversight.

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This is disgusting, I paid $80 for a game I can only play at EA's whim?

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I have to say, of any other company, I might be more understanding of the current situation, but EA said before release that they knew that there was potential for this to happen and that they were taking steps to ensure that it wouldn't happen. It did happen. With just the American release. What's going to happen when it releases for Europeans as well?
Another issue I have is that even though SimCity has only been released in America, the European servers are already available for use. What will happen when SimCity is launched in Europe? I may live in America, but if a game is unreleased in a certain region, the servers for that region should NEVER be available.

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I don't know how to make a seperate post here, only how to reply to on'e post, but I am trying to see if I can get some help determining if my computer has the right kind of specs to run this game, I don't wann abuy it and then find it won't work. All I need to know is about my graphic card info, where to find and if it will support, I already know that my general specs are fine as far as processoer and Ram. If someone could afford a few minutes to help me out, I would be grateful to ya..,..Thanks so much.....and PS...how to post seperate posts?

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Can we get a post when these updates have rolled onto the live servers?

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Better idea, turn off the whole having to be connected to the server when I am playing a single player game.

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Are there any updates for this fix? At this point I am unable to load my city. I can see the region, I can even visit my friend's city in the same region. When I try to load my city the first time, I get "Unable to load at this time," and if I try again it just sits at the loading screen forever. I am on Europe East 1. Thanks for any updates guys. It is appreciated. I do love the game, but would to continue my city.
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