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Take your Sims to new heights with the SimCity Airships Set. Want more tourists/commuters in your city, but also want to cut down on transit traffic? Airships are your solution – this new form of transportation will lift up Sims and transport them between neighboring cities in your region, alleviating your roadways so you can focus on making more money.

In addition to Airships, the set also comes with two new balloon parks that will launch ten new eye-pleasing balloons across your city as well as makes your Sims happy.

To purchase the Airships Set, just visit this Origin page http://bit.ly/11Ffyev and then restart your game in order for it to appear.

If you have additional questions, check out our FAQ below.


Q: What is included in the Airships Set?

A: The Airships Set comes with two Airships, a Commuter Airship that transports workers, and a Tourist Airship that brings in tourists. The set also comes with two balloon parks (with ten unique balloons), and an Event Blimp that covers big outings at your SimCity stadium.

Q: How do I get the Airships Set?

There are three ways to obtain the Airships Set:

• SimCity Launcher: Players can click the advertisement and it will take them to the SimCity Origin DLC page.
• SimCity In-Game Billboard: Players can click the billboard on the Menu screen and it will take them to the SimCity Origin DLC page using the in-game online browser.
• Origin Online Store Page: Players will search for SimCity and then select the Airships Set from the drop down menu.

Once redeemed, you will need to restart the game in order for the Airships Set to appear.

Q: Is there additional gameplay added?

A: Airships will bring tourists/commuters to your city. The base Tourist Airship delivers tourists with more capacity than the base Municipal Bus, Passenger Train Station or Municipal Airport, but less than the Cruise Ship Dock. The module for the Commuter Airship has the same capacity as the Tourist Airship.

Placing a Commuter Airship Mooring in two neighboring cities creates an airship network between them. If you have the Airships set then every city in your region will eventually get a visit from the Event Blimp. Neighbors will notice your balloons passing through their city occasionally and any other Mayors with Airships set will be able to set up a commuting network with you.

Q: Once I download it, where do I find it?

A: You can find the Airships Set in the Planes submenu under the Mass Transit menu.

Q: Is the Airships Set available worldwide?

A: Yes.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The Airships Set costs $8.99

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