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Hi Mayors -- below you'll find the notes for Update 6:

New: Granite Lake Region - New 10 city lake region: http://www.simcity.com/en_US/blog/article/building-granite-lake
While creating Granite Lake, we had a few key goals:
- Provide a region with a new visual style that is highlighted by vistas from each city.
- Two clusters of five cities that are connected by boats traveling across the lake.
- Create a scenic central lake around which the city sites will be placed. Includes shipping lanes to keep that gameplay option for cities on the shoreline.
- A region with unique and challenging terrain to provide a different experience than the previously released Edgewater Bay.
New: RCI Tuning - Tuning to make Industrial needed more. Commercial buildings will now lose profit if they don’t receive enough freight from industry. The demand bars will respond more accurately to which zones are needed. This change will impact existing cities: http://www.simcity.com/en_US/blog/article/making-industry-matter-rci-improvements
New: RCI height variations for Density 3 Buildings. This will add more variety to the look of your cities: http://on.fb.me/14fcVSZ
New: Borderless windowed mode setting.
• Fixes for some issues of the “out of money” problem or unexplained abandonment that some players have experienced.
• Clarity around unfilled jobs and workers to make sure players are messaged that there may be an issue where workers cannot get to unfilled jobs.
• Residential and Commercial buildings are now more consistently in the same wealth in an area of a particular land value. Improves visual consistency.
• Help Wanted, no Shoppers, and No Jobs alerts have been added to the Zoning info panel as alerts.
• Data Layer: Greater map accuracy on the land value map. Residential and Commercial wealth colors added. Abandoned buildings show up red.
• Data Layer: Land Value map shows when placing parks.
• Fixed issue where RCI sometimes builds on roads.
• Fix performance slowdown in cities with more than one million tourists.
• UI Clarity: Show which city hall modules are already placed in the region on the palette UI.
• Garbage UI: fixed issue where garbage UI sometimes showed bins that had already been picked up.

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