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While we do not know when the NHL franchise will arrive on Xbox One and Playstation 4, the smart money says it will eventually. Please use this thread to share your thoughts, hopes, and dreams about what you would like to see in a possible next-gen NHL.

Short, easy to read, and well organized posts (bullet lists, brief explanations) highly encouraged.

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- Customizable game menus

- Defense and Goalies need to be highest priority for gameplay (Refer to Psychic Saws thread here http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9876271.page for defensive mechanics and goalie)

- Attention to bug fixes such as: Instant replay, custom camera, HUT "Never Show Again" tutorial bugs. Loop Glitch Bugs, For the tutorial bugs remove the tutorials all together, in HUT under settings put a Tutorial option, for Instant Replay/Custom Camera make it so a button press brings up a Tutorial description

- If HUT puck rewards for all game modes stays I would like to see an attempt at removing the ability to hack the 2500 pucks (Make it server side possibly? I believe that's what stopped people from hacking their online players attributes/boosts)

- All attributes need to matter, no more CPU only or broken attributes (possibly overhaul the whole system, again refer to psychic saws thread linked above and at the end of this post)

- End of the year 6v6 EASHL Playoffs/Tournament

- Vote to kick/Auto Kick System for drop in griefers

- Remove the Full Toedrag (5oclock RH, 7oclock LH, will get video later of what I'm talking about)

- In Game notes for Patch/Tuner details (Main menu, possibly around where the TV currently is in 14)

- More discussion from the dev team here on the forums (hopefully have more mods here by the time so the forums are a much cleaner place, flaming and trolling posts need to be ignored by EA, don't let it scare you off)

- More customization for BAP/EASHL players, Custom teams & EASHL Teams (Logos, jerseys etcetera), Arena customization for offline and EASHL

More to come soon while I think of things

I HIGHLY recommend EA to look at ThePsychicSaws thread as it has a lot of amazing ideas with great detail. Link here: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9876271.page

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Awesome stuff Luger, thanks. A simple list of features and gameplay enhancements:


To make the controls more responsive and balance gameplay between offense and defense, add total right stick control on defense that allows you to poke, sweep, hook, and slash.


Allow the puck to become almost 100% subject to real world physics. The puck can still morph through sticks and skates occasionally while puckhandling, but after the puck has been shot or passed it should not pass through solid objects ever. Also, remove the overly bouncing puck after a dump and chase and it's tendency to magically move towards sticks after being knocked loose.


Notice this doesn't just say boardplay... it goes deeper than that. The physical and strategic element to hockey has not been there in this series. Reverting puck physics on the dump and chase back to the way it was before NHL 14 is a good start, but it won't be enough.

Cycling: Add a way to lightly and quickly chip the puck, which will help offensively by making it easier to get and keep the play in the zone or start a cycle on offense. This will also help defensively by giving players a way to clear the puck out of their zone without fear of being called for icing.

Dump and Chase: Improve puck pickups by adding better animations when receiving the puck along the boards to make this style of play smoother. Also, there should be a way to deflect a puck into the zone after a hard pass through the neutral zone to start a forecheck. This is a tough concept to explain without a video example, but watch a Penguins game and you'll see examples of what I mean. These two things are the key to making the dump and chase a viable option.

Boardplay: This has not received an update for a long time. Instead of just holding Y and making it possible for a player to hold someone against the boards permanently, have it so that you need to repeatedly tap Y or another button to push a puck carrier along the glass. Some players should be able to shrug off checks from the defense easier than others based on such attributes as strength, puck control, balance, etc.


This series is far behind others in presentation. First and foremost, add the real likenesses of the several players in the game who are still missing real faces. Full, organized list given here- http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9871200.page. Also, bring the Ignite Engine to this series to create extremely detailed and accurate arena atmospheres for all 30 NHL venues. FIFA and NBA Live have done a great job with this concept, so with the NHL series devs having had more time and experience with next gen hardware, they should be able to expand and improve on what other EA games have done. Devs can refer to this list here for help- http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9892337.page.

Finally, although this is stretching it a little bit, try to get a partnership with a major television company to make the game look nice with authentic screenwipes, broadcast music, and other elements, as well as their respective broadcasting duo. A great choice for this would be NBCSN with Doc Emrick and Eddie Olczyk. Still, TV sponsorship or not, new commentary is greatly needed, and next gen should allow for EA to really seal the deal with real time presentation regarding replays and celebrations (Please include team hugging celebrations!).

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Here are a few things that I would like to see in the NHL series for the next gen consoles.

- Team majority veto in online drop in game for players who are not playing properly.
( Goalies skating to center ice and around the zone while puck is in their zone or skaters shooting on their own goalie)

- Online skills competition (fastest skater, shootout dekes, target shooting, 3 on 0)

- Full team drop in or club games ( 4 lines with line changes)

- Instead of one touch dekes maybe a toggle control button for full control of a player stick.

- Bring back the ability to push the puck ahead

- Get John Shorthouse and John Garrett to do the commentating for Vancouver Canucks games

- For ps4 users only..the captain of a drop in game can use the touch pad to maybe make up a play and have it show up before the face-off in the top right of his/her team.

That's all for now...

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1) Harsh penalties for quitters online (ie: cool down period would be an excellent deterrent)
2) Remove the attribute caps and just make 90+ attributes really expensive
3) Tone down the goon hitting. Every hit doesn't need to be a "bone crushing" hit and late hits 3-4 seconds after a pass is made is unrealistic. Even though sometimes you get a penalty for a late hit, it happens way too often and is unrealistic.

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Better Goalie Physics and better working attributes for them:

Fix "Glitch" Goals

The ability to have a AHL or other league GMC: It would be cool to be in a GMC league where you are the minor teams instead of just NHL teams. But this is more of a personal choice thing.

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My quick thoughts:

-true different goalie styles so not every goalie feels the same to play against

-goalie AI learning so they will recognize high percentage exploit shots/moves and adapt to them after being beaten once

-some sort of context triggered vote kick option for griefing and AFK OTP players

-Companion App support allowing players to change lines, strategies, view rosters and stats, and access the Action Tracker from a tablet or smartphone

-in-game mechanism to review tuner changes and report abusive teams / players to EA

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..so lets give it a try just one more time

1) real world puck physics (that would change/ evolve gameplay completely)
2) 100% realtime presentation with authentic/ dynamic cam angles for each arena
3) 1:1 manual movement defensive stick (should B done years ago, look at NHL 2K5)

4) true nextgen 1080p visuals and authentic lightning for each arena incl. all refs and bench
5) 100% physics based boardplay, shooting, passing and goalie movent (no warping or other physics denying please)
6) sliders for everything. incl. shooting, passing and other tendencies!

9) Olympic tournament (yeah get the licence please, its about time)
10) ..other than that, no other modes needed, just build on what we have, its more than enough!


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inthecrease31 wrote:1) Harsh penalties for quitters online (ie: cool down period would be an excellent deterrent)
2) Remove the attribute caps and just make 90+ attributes really expensive
3) Tone down the goon hitting. Every hit doesn't need to be a "bone crushing" hit and late hits 3-4 seconds after a pass is made is unrealistic. Even though sometimes you get a penalty for a late hit, it happens way too often and is unrealistic.

I really like 1 and 3 on this list. Cleaning up online trolling has been talked about before on here, and people have suggested to have simple factors tracked in game lead to being kicked out of OTP, such as an idle kick, going offsides __ amount of times, a goalie going too far out of his crease too often, and more.

As for 3, I understand what you mean. In 14, if you go for a check, you'll either end up with the hit of the year or you'll awkwardly slide away because of the bubble around your opponent. 2K did a really good job of including the in between contact where for the most part both the player checking and the player being checked would feel the impact of the hit.

This is a really good video that I think was made by DJ NEO showing the kind of contact I'm talking about on hits, as well as giving a lot of examples on how the puck and goalies should react under a proper physics engine. My #1 wish regarding gameplay is that EA takes notes on all the subtle animations and physics going on in the video above and start to include this kind of stuff in their game.

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Goalie Mode : goalie ability to lay stick on the ice (cut off the cross crease pass)

Forward & Goalie & Sim Engine Game By Game Stats:


Exsample: 1 Goalie


Exsample: 2 Forwards


Scores & Boxscore & Log : Part 1


Game Tracker: for outta town scores


better stats colume for hole league

my wish for NHL 15, hopefully keep you update.

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Random Ideas:

1. Up to the minute roster updates, and if they don't know which line to put the new player(s) on at least just add them to the roster.

2. In regards to customizing goalie pads, add more zones to color per piece of equipment as well as somehow indicating which zone will be changed when it is highlighted so you don't have to guess at what you want to change (useful for pads that have a majority of the same color)

3. Make board pinning more dynamic, let the pinned player be able to push back, maybe throw an elbow (risk/reward), ect..

4. Two referee's and two linemen, as well as having them have a realtime field of view, if the ref isn't looking they can miss a call

5. Make injuries happen for the area of the body that actually gets hit

6. Real goal horn WITH REAL GOAL SONG

7. Scan all players faces (make a deal with the NHL, make it a part of training camp!)

8. Playoff beards.

9. Coache's likenesses as well as assistant coaches

10. Ability to upload any logo you want for custom uniforms, and if the logo is vulgar/inappropriate then suspend the player from online for like a week, then make it longer for subsequent offenses

11. Some more realistic mannerisms. By this I mean have the players almost always turning their heads looking at the play, try to get skating motions more authentic (Lucic's neanderthal-like stride lol)

12. Branching off the last one is make personality type be an attribute, like being a pest * people off, that doesn't mean he's also a sniper

13. Utilize the Xbox Kinect to scan your own face to use in the game!

14. Use the Kinect to call for a pass? Or for line changes too- you say "offensive line one" and they'll get out there, that'd be cool (wouldn't really work for local versus)

15. Extend the "fight" button, make it so you just have to be in the vicinity of an opposing player to instigate a fight, press it and you see them start chirping and stuff, as opposed to having to be right up next to someone to grab them right now

16. Correct arena models, as well as bench placement. By default in the NHL games the home team is on the right side and the away on the left, this is not the case for every team in the NHL.

17. Make cages a helmet attachment like visors are, there no universal "college helmet" in existence, and let the cage have it's own color palette separate from the helmet

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- More freedom: I don't like the bubbles around players or the skating engine in the slightest, it doesn't feel like real hockey. Hockey is the fastest game on the planet, it's free flowing and it's intense because of it. NHL 14 feels so slow and clunky. It feels like my players are being controlled by something else, not me. This applies to stick handling, skating, pokechecking, passing and hitting. True control of our players, not the game controlling them

- Passing needs some major improvements, mostly to the accuracy and holding the button for harder passes. Make R2 a hard pass (that doesn't bounce off players sticks because that rarely happens, make it dependent on the players hands and hand-eye maybe) and R1 a soft/saucer pass. Holding the button slows the game down too much, it's supposed to be a game of quick decisions

- Goalie AI needs some work obviously

- Everything connected: Make BAP and EASHL players connected by the same attributes. Sometimes not everyone is online to play with (especially since the dressing rooms got limited and teams now only have 6-8 guys on it) and drop in games can be frustrating to deal with but you still want to use your EASHL player and progress with him. NBA 2K14 did this on next gen (not sure about current gen) and it's great, it's fun to play against the CPU sometimes and fun to play online. That's the biggest reason that most people probably don't play BAP, there's no point to it other than to acquire boosts

- Free-4-All Mode: Offline using NHL players and Online using our EASHL players. Again, NBA 2k14 did a version of this called Blacktop and it's a lot of fun but NHL's version was even better back in the day

- Let every attribute effect something and let our players feel different. If I'm in EASHL, let me make a Patrick Kane that feels like Patrick Kane, or an Ovechkin that feels like Ovechkin, an Ott that feels like an Ott, etc. I usually enjoy being a powerforward in hockey but it doesn't feel like I actually am one in this game when I build my player that way, everyone feels the same. Make some classes or let us make some. COD is popular for a reason, you can build a character and play it however you want to, it's not just the fact that it's a shooter

- Speaking of COD, let us make jersey like you're able to make an emblem and keep the same simple designs for the less creative, but add more to it. We need more freedom like I already said above

- Just make it fun, this game is so frustrating to deal with. NHL Hitz is my all time favorite hockey game because it was fun, let's bring that back with a bit more realism

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-improved human goalies
-0 auto animations
-all penalties called, no half trips or slashes that the refs allow
-No more incredible hulk computers
-more severe consequence for when human goalie quits in a club game
-no bubbles
-no assisted passing in EASHL
-basically make everything manual

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- Pressure sensitive buttons for things like stick lift.

- Copy FIFA's AFK kick system for matches where if you afk for 45 seconds it just kicks you while on the playing field. Don't care if mom or dad needs you. Don't care if your baby is crying either. You shouldn't be ruining the game for others.

- Remove broken sticks on stick lifts. It just doesn't happen in real life.

- Refine tie ups in front of the net

- Refine boardplay and weaken the damn CPU on stripping the puck with ease. Usually when you boardplay it's to protect the puck from another not an easy job to just take the puck.

- Add the NHL's smaller nets. (should be a given) More space behind the net should occur then.

- Don't mess up the new Icing System.

- Make injuries last only 5 in game minutes. If you won't give Game Misconducts for 5min majors then injuries shouldn't last more than 5 minutes because some good decides to cheap shot majority of the time.

- Revise the menu system. It takes too many steps to go to the EASHL. You should bury the worthless menu game modes. Please just copy FIFA's so it saves the things you did last.

- Human goaltenders need to be better on some stupid shots that should never go in. Seen at times a goalie open his legs for a 5-hole goal.

- Go back tot he old Hockey Card system. If you are a Legend 3 skater then you are a Legend 3 goalie. Let's actually promote and encourage people to play goalie.

- Improve AI awareness. They make too many mistakes that they shouldn't.

- Add customization to the EASHL. Like FIFA add different arenas we can play instead of just 1. Give us a reason to actually stay with a club. Maybe only allow teams to use certain jerseys til they reach a certain team level. EASHL is like an RPG so make it like one. You have to grind to earn the good stuff.

- Remove forced fights. If I want to Claude Lemieux it up and turtle taking no penalty while they get a 2min roughing penalty then so be it. Landeskog of the Avalanche has avoided several fights by simply skating away.

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Make goalies more able to stop slot high glove wrist shots. Yeah they are high percentage, but if you hit it right, you can score 100% of the time. Stop removing or overcompensating for old easy ways to score. Back doors should go in a decent amount, so should slot wristers when you're wide open, but not 100% of the time.

There really needs to be a tie up button for EASHL. Defensemen can't do anything in front of the net because high passing attribute from an offensive player makes it impossible for them to intercept the puck. Manual tie up like the computers can do would make the game so much better.

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