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Ok EA. Now is the time to start bringing Madden back to PC.  XML
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Even though no one from EA reads this, someone from EA did post on the face book page:

"EA SPORTS Madden NFL Thank you for the suggestion. We will pass it along to the rest of the team.
May 12, 2013 at 1:24am"


1.) 2014 Pecover v. Electronic Arts Inc. has won they're lawsuit against EA for anti-competitive business practices and forming a monopoly with the NFL license. Develop for PC for a release in 2015 or someone else will, will we see the reemergence of NFL2K?

2.) Origin. Enough said.

3.) With AMD APU chips inside of all the next generation consoles and AMD's Mantel, development should be easy.

4.) Over 1k likes on the facebook "Bring madden back to pc page" alone.

5.) I and many other of your loyal fans are still playing madden 08 for pc, it was a game ahead of its time. We loved how the mouse makes you feel like you are throwing the ball. With "Steam boxes" and such, PC gaming is growing once again. Your mature audience is on PC, they are a great loyal community, please listen to your customers and make this happen EA.

Thank you!!
Madden NFL Series  > Madden General Discussion
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