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They done it in fifa 2004 you could control two players at one time (Control 2nd with right analogue). It was a ok feature but turned out better with out it.

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Good idea!!! Just hope EA can listen for once!

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i should try this..

anyway. i have a question. how to crowded the penalty box. because sometimes when i make a run in the wing there are no player to receive the ball. sometimes it is very frustrated.

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I have Fifa 4 and I liked the feature where you can control a secondary player off the ball. I want them to bring this back and improve the AI... Also I said many times they should give us control of ball curve. This is a good feature from old school PES and I never understood why they didn't have it in Fifa. All you need is L1 or R1(PS3) to put right or left curve on the ball after you shoot/pass it - the amount of curve determined on how long you have held R1 or L1. That way they can scrap the half assed finesse shot which requires no skill whatsoever.
Archive - FIFA 11  > Xbox 360 & PS3 Discussion
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