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Fifa 12 Ultimate Team Coin Making Guide
The first thing you have to do to make this guide work is understand the basic prices of the market.
You don’t need to learn every price of everything, but just casually get to know the prices in
between playing games, every time you log on to Fifa and most importantly learn what days are
better for buying and better for selling.

This guide was made with the knowledge of Xbox 360 prices, but these methods will work on PS3
exactly the same all you have to do is consider the price differences so please check the going rates
on PS3 before committing yourself to any of these methods.
You also need to work out when buying to resell that EA takes 5% tax from you, so make sure you
will make money when re-listing something.
With purchasing this guide, you are also getting my full support. If there is anything you do not
fully understand, or just need a little help or guidance with then please drop me an email or send me
a message on eBay . I will get back to you as soon as possible.

One important rule with Fifa Ultimate Team is that the market (Just like real life) crashes. What this
means is that when something becomes saturated the prices drops. What this basically means is at
the Start of Fifa, players like Gerrard who were rare were selling for around 200K, but as the game
goes on, more packs are opened, more players released onto the market, more people having these
players, the demand goes down for these players, therefore the prices drop as the demand decreases.
Now the one thing that will never ever be like this is the consumables market. No matter how
many packs are opened and no matter how many consumables are released onto the market,
consumables will always be in demand, because these get taken of the market and get used so the
demand will always be there.
The consumables market will crash when big name players get released, new TOTW gets released
etc… but this is good for making coins, as once the consumable market settles down again in a
couple days time the prices rise again on these and this is going to be the best money making
method that I will explain in this guide.
The best buying tip is buy when Jumbos are out (Prices are lower) and then sell back on when
Player only packs are out (Prices rise again)
1000 coins or less.

Developement Method
Ok if you are struggling to make coins and have around 1k or less, the best money making tip
would be to search for cheap contracts, healing cards, fitness cards etc…. No matter what time of
the week you will always find Buy It Now contracts for say 200-250 coins. What you have to do is
go onto the consumable search, search for Gold Contracts for example and put a maximum buy it
now of either 200 or 250 and search, you will have to be quick as there are others doing this but if
you can get 5 contracts for say 200 coins that is your 1000 coins now gone.
Now depending on what time of the week it is (Explained at the very top understanding the going
market prices) you can now sell these 5 contracts for the going rate 400-600 which now turns your
1000 coins into 2000-4000 coins (minus the 5% tax)
This method is a little slower as the less coins you have the slower this method will be as you will
have to wait for the contracts to resell before you can repeat.
This method can work can work on other consumables like healing cards, fitness cards…. But again
you need to just check the going prices, so buying healing cards for say 400 and then selling for 600
would be a good profit, fitness cards for 200 and selling on for 300 would be a good price.
Please understand this method is slower as you will be buying at cheaper prices and releasing them
at the going rate so you will most likely only sell them back on when they get to the end of the 1hr
when listed.

Turning 10k into 100k+
Now this is the most successful method I have found to make coins and can guarantee that I have
built up several high value teams using this method including the example in the listing on eBay
using this method.
Healing cards - Now what you want to do is go onto the consumable search and search for gold
healing cards. This time we are going to search the auctions only.
What you need to do on this one is place bids on all low priced healing cards. (This works so much
better on a Wednesday night after 6pm when the new TOTW gets released or any other time when
Jumbos are released as more consumables are released as more packs are opened) You go through
and bid on anything that is 300 coins or less. Son say for example there is a back healing card with a
250 bid then simply bid 300 and move onto the next. Next card could be head healing with 150 bid,
simply bid the next amount 200 and move onto the next, any cards without a bid simply bid 150 and
move onto the next. You get where I am going with this.
So basically never bid over 350, bid 350 max, but at the same time only bid the next highest
amount like the examples show above like 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and just progress through all the
auctions scrolling through each page and bidding on all the lower valued cards. Keep doing this
until you get to the 59th minute of auctions which will take anywhere between 10-20mins. Once
you get to 59th minute you can simply come off the search and go play a couple of games.
Once enough time has passed you can go into your watched list and check how you done on your
auctions, believe me you will be surprised how cheap you get most of these consumables for
especially during the busy times like new TOTW or when Jumbos are out.
Now if you have just 10k and you run out of coins after doing all this bidding, what you can do is
start to resell these healing consumables back onto the market at the going rate so even if the
jumbos are still out you can still make a profit which will help to fund your next lot of bidding, so
say the going rate for the healing cards are 500-600 then simply start selling them back on that price
and fill your trade pile with them all selling at that price, some will sell and some won’t but what it
is doing is building your coins back up so you can then repeat your bidding process all over again
and gives you a steady income of coins.
Now the magic part about bidding is you can have (unlimited amounts of cards in your watched list
without the worry of your consumable or trade pile being full) I had 176 healing cards saved in my
watch list which I had won all cheap on auctions.
Normally Jumbos are released for around 2 days, so what I found best was to do all my bidding on
these cheap healing cards over the 2 days selling on still at the going rate slowly building my coins
back up, so I can continue to bid (This is really important to make this work to the maximum).
Once the Jumbos are taken down and the Player only packs get released, the consumables go
through the roof price wise as you don’t get consumables in the player packs obviously. So you can
now sell on all the healing cards for around 3x the price you initially paid. Just check the going rate
and sell on accordingly. So if the going rate is now 800-900 you can now either sell them all at 800
which would be steady selling or just sell them all at 700 and they will normally sell within minutes
giving you more trade pile space to sell more, but again it is just a case of checking the going
market rates and understanding when is best to resell and at what price which you will pick up
really easily.
This method will work for anything that you fancy as long as it’s a popular consumable, like
formation cards, position cards, contacts fitness cards etc……

Bronze Pack Method
Another proven and easy coin making method is buying and reselling the bronze packs.
Premium bronze packs sell for 750 coins, but you are guaranteed without fail to make a profit by
selling on all the items inside.
Bronze non shiny contracts sell for 200
Bronze shiny contracts sell for 250
Bronze player fitness sells for 250
Bronze full squad fitness sells for 1700-2000
Bronze healing cards sell for between 400-600
Some bronze players will sell for either 200 or some more rarer ones can sell for a few k
Everything else just gets discarded
The bronze pack method is a very slow way to making coins as not everything sells first time
around, but it does sell and will always without a fail make you coins.

59TH Minute
Now most people will already know what the 59th minute is how it works so I won’t go into too
much detail. (anyone who doesn’t know what the 59th minute is then please have a look on Google
for “Fifa Ultimate Team 50th minute” where everything will be explained in more detail)
Basically as explained earlier on in this guide, the player market is dying due to their not being
much demand for your everyday players now so you could waste several hours searching on the
59th waiting for bargains that are just not there anymore, so I would strongly advise you to stay
Player discards
This is another small money making method that won’t get you rich but will help to increase your
coin count in very small amounts. Basically searching all players on auctions you need to bid 300
on all non shiny players that haven’t already got bids and 600 on all shiny players. If and when you
win the auctions you simply discard these players and you will get anywhere between 302-307
coins for non shiny and 605-615 for shiny players (Them figures may differ slightly but you can
clearly see that you don’t make much coins from this method but at the same time it is still coin
making method)

Late Night Bidding
I have found that sometimes it is better to be searching auctions later at night from 12am onwards as
not many people are online so you won’t have much competition when bidding on auctions.
Bidding later at night will help you make more coins by either bidding on higher valued players that
will go cheaper, high priced formation, position cards and then resell on the next day when it is
I myself have bid and won stuff like 41212 cards and got them for under 5K late at night and sold
back on the next day for 10k+
Same applies to other popular formations like 433, 442
Also popular position cards such as CF-*, LW-LM, RW-RM, RWB-RB, LWB-LB
You can see where I am going with this. You just need to keep checking on the going prices for
these and you can’t go wrong.
Squad Fitness cards
I have also made a killing on squad fitness cards.
Again you just need to check the going prices before getting into this.
What I tend to do is check through all bronze fitness cards and check the going rates and say for
example they are all selling for around 1900+ I will then proceed to go through (Just like the
healing card method) and place bids of 1200 on all Bronze Squad fitness cards. Again don’t worry if
your trade pile is full and consumable pile is full as any auctions won goes to your watched list. You
can then proceed to sell these bronze fitness cards on for the going rate of 1900 making 700 -5%tax
per card sold.
Same applies for Silver Squad fitness, if the going rate is 2500 I will go through and bid 1500 on all
silver squad fitness cards and then proceed to sell them on at 2500 making 1k - 5% on every cards
Gold same again just check the going rate for the selling. (What you will have to take into
consideration is the fact that the gold cards go up and down constantly due there always being more
gold packs opened so take this into consideration when bidding. I tend to steer clear of the gold for
this reason, but that said if you can pick up gold fitness cards on auction for around 1700-2000 then
you can still easily make a neat profit.
Popular consumable cards to look out for are as follows…
Gold Contracts non shiny buy for 200-250 sell for 400-500
Gold shiny contracts buy for 200-400 sell for 600-800
Gold player fitness buy for 200 - sell for 300-400
Gold Squad fitness buy for 1700-2000 sell for 2500+
Gold healing cards buy for 150-350 sell for 600-900
Silver Squad fitness buy for 1500 sell for 2500
Bronze Squad fitness buy for 1200 sell for 1900
Popular player and position and formation cards.
You need to try and get to grips with the going prices for these position cards, once you do then you
can easily make a killing from these alone if you manage to pick any up cheaper on auctions.
Ultimate Team 12 Database Link
This link is invaluable to help working out prices for grabbing bargains and to * players stats to
build the best team possible.
The link is:

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completely stolen my guide, sold you it on ebay. get off kid.

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SPeNCe_xD wrote:completely stolen my guide, sold you it on ebay. get off kid.


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