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Last pick at the park

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Anyone know if your team goes through fazes not dissimilar to h2h in that you win back to back games then go into a game and your players don’t respond as they did, seem leggy and/or stupid making daft decisions, poor movement, passes and the like.

You might argue that isn’t the case in which case we’ll go no where with this one but if you agree with me does the same happen it in clubs with your VP or comp controlled players?

Apparently computer anys for example can improve/do improve with results?

Is it at all possible they have off games?

Also does anyone know if when you get to around 5500 points as a club there’s like some kind of hump you then have to get over…

To explain better we often breeze through game after game picking up few points here lots of points there until we get up around the 5500 point then it becomes notably harder to beat teams even ones that don’t appear to play very well. If it isn’t that you suddenly can’t hit a barn door it’s your keeper making stupid mistakes or your anys pretending to be clowns?
Archive - FIFA 11  > X360 / PS3 FIFA 11 Clubs
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