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As much as I love this game, it SERIOUSLY needs an update! The goal keepers make too many unforgiving mistakes, especially when they pass the ball to defenders that are right in front, instead of the player you were aiming the pass to. Also, players should respond exactly how you control them, not as they please. For example, sometimes I want my strikers to shoot the ball immediately as they receive the pass, not try to receive the pass with flair, waste precious time, and then shoot! And what about playing offline tournaments in hard? The AI in this game is desinged to always favor the computer. It always knows where your going, what you're going to do, amd it's virtually imposible to take the ball away from them. This is extremely frustrating! Right now I'm playing the Barcelona 5v5 Freestyle tournament, and I haven't been able to beat it on hard once.

I would really appreciate it if someone from EA read this and responded to it. I've been talking to some friends who have the game and have found the same issues. Please make this great game an even greater game!
FIFA Street  > General Discussion
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