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Joined: 03/05/2012 14:48:24
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I have experienced this issue a couple of times against opponents that I beat. I'm not sure if its a bug or if they are cheating.

What is happening is I will win and then the rematch screen will pop up and count down from 15. When it reaches 0 nothing happens and the opponent doesn't make their decision. Which basically means I won but I have to accept a loss because the screen won't go away.. I have even left my computer on over night and nothing happened.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Because I make competitive accounts and try and top the leaderboards and losing when you win doesn't help :/



Park Captain

Joined: 03/05/2012 10:44:38
Messages: 69

Its a bug its happened before aswell. Ive had when the opponent brings sub on the screen freezes and all you can see is the stadiums its very annoying.
Archive - FIFA 11  > PC Discussion
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