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This thread has grown into a comprehensive list of tips due to many people adding their advice to it. So be warned this is a big block of text and i suggest scrolling to the section that you need the most or alternatively use control+F then input whichever section from the following you want to see;

- In possession of the ball
- Dribbling techniques to beat a man
- Skill moves and when to use them
- Shooting and finishing
- Crossing
- Attacking corners
- Penalties
- Freekicks

- Defending (Settings)
- Defending when your defenders are all back near the edge of your box
- Defending counter attacks and through balls
- Defending chipped/lobbed through balls
- Defending corners
- Defending using contain/second man press

Building your team
- Formations
- What type of players do you need in what positions?
- My recommended BPL players for under 1000 coins - for those just starting out

Regardless, if you need some help in FUT13, then this is the place for you!

These are simple tips i have picked up since the early release, they have helped me win Division 1 and improve my overall game, especially when coming up against those 5 atb pace abusers... I hope they can help you!


In Possession of the ball;

- I would say the most important thing when playing against a pacey team, or any team in general is possession! Keep the ball and dominate midfield. In football games are won and lost in the midfield, if you win the midfield battle, that is half your job done.

- When you break down an opponents attack, take your time when in possession of the ball, create some build-up play through your midfield and control the game.

- Don't be tempted to keep trying to counter attack, otherwise the game will turn into an end to end, counter attacking pace abuse contest which you will more than likely lose if you are not set up for that play style. (a counter attack once in a while is fine, but if it isn't working, stop trying it over and over!)

- Use the ball wisely, keep possession and frustrate your opponent, lure them out of their defensive positions and they will leave gaps in behind (like real football). As you pass the ball - already plan out your next pass or dribbling move.

- Quick tempo in your play is key! 1-2 touch passing, with the odd dribbling sequence can work wonders.

- Back to go forward, if you have nothing on in front of you, instead of running forwards like a headless chicken, don't be afraid to recycle the ball, turn and play the ball back.

- When passing, i find it helpful to visualize the triangles that your players make on the pitch (the ball carrier and the two potential pass receivers) as you pass the ball, another triangle forms, play within these ever appearing triangle and you will get success!

- Make your opponent play at your pace, not the other way around! If you feel the pace of the game is too fast (too many counter attacks etc) then slow the game down. using some simple passing around your midfield!

- If you are being successfully contained (your opponent is holding A/X with their defender), i find it useful to play very quick passing football, switching the ball from side to side on the pitch. I often return the ball straight back to the original passer e.g. CM passes to your RM, RM returns the ball to the CM with his first touch. This throws off the player who is auto containing as they start to run towards the RM, then have to turn back again to chase the CM - this gives you more space to maneuver in, and sometimes creates space that you can run into. (Hard to explain but i hope you get the idea)

- I stumbled upon this video about the new dribbling techniques and it actually perfectly illustrates my points on passing; keep the ball moving, frustrate your opponent, back to go forward, try to open up spaces etc.

The relevant part in the video is from 1:16 onwards. Watch the passing and this is the sort of football i am talking about. Also, while watching, try to visualize the triangles his players are making - it should be pretty easy to see. I highly recommend you watch this;

- Use the first touch system to your advantage - use your first touch to move the ball into open space away from a defender or even around a defender if they are coming in for the challenge, take notice of what situation you are in and it can be a great asset!

- Keep your opponent guessing, don't repeat a movement too often, if an opponent is starting to read your play and is noticing that you like to cut inside, throw him a curve ball and use the RS to flick the ball down the line, you will leave them for dead, variety is key this year.

- The direct route to goal is rarely your best option, you will end up losing the ball and getting countered on, get the ball wide and spread out their defence and use your triangles "Barca style" to play the ball around them. You will be surprised how far an extra 2 or 3 short passes will get you compared to 1 direct pass.

- Be patient. don't try to force the play, just let it happen!

- Play to your players strengths - there is no point trying to outpace Kyle Walker with someone like Rosicky.

- When you do create a gap in the oppositions defence, make sure you are ruthless and attack it aggressively, you want to exploit those gaps as soon as they appear! If you have made a bit of space on the edge of the box, you want to get your shot away quickly, it there is a passing lane open to play a through ball, make sure you play it and if you have chance to burst into a space and then take a shot do not hesitate to do so!

* Disclaimer - I am NOT encouraging people to keep the ball with their back 4 the entire game, i hope that much is obvious! I am talking about holding possession in the opposition's half in order to create chances using good pass and move football.

Dribbling Techniques to beat a man

- You will notice if you dribble around one man in advanced areas of the pitch, everything opens up for you - because you will now usually have a man over, dribbling is an important part of the game and here are some good techniques.

- Before i get into specifics, an important thing to keep in mind is use sprint very sparingly. There is absolutely no need to sprint unless you have lots of space in front of you to move into, otherwise it just reduces your ball control and increases your chances of getting tackled! In short, slow dribbling is your friend in FUT13!

- Like i mentioned above, a very effective way of beating your man is to use the RS (right stick) flick to knock the ball past a static opponent. if you square up to the defender, then take a little touch one way to make it look like you are going one way, then flick the RS the other way, you will leave them for dust!

- Another good way to do this is with the complete dribbling (holding RT< / R2&L2). Square up to the man you are trying to beat, if they are containing, you will notice they will stop at a certain distance in front of you and not advanced anymore, keep using the complete dribbling to lure them into a tackle! When they start to move closer and try to get a tackle in, quickly move the ball to either the left or the right, then blow past them by letting go of LT/L1 and pressing forward or by flicking the Right Stick if you want to push the ball a lot further in front of you. See the video below for a very good guide on how to use this.

- Precision dribbling is another effective way of luring a defender in then pushing it past him. Here is the tutorial;

NOTE: When you are in tons of space if you flick the RS forward quickly twice your player will take an extra big touch and boot it further down the line (like Gareth Bale did against Inter when he owned Maicon).

- When dribbling, you can stop dead by simply letting go of the other buttons and pressing LB/L1, if you are running in a certain direction and a defender is following you, if you stop dead often the defender will keep running, leaving you free with loads of space in front of you (test it out on the arena). I often use this in tight areas in the middle of the pitch to shake off a defender, it also gives you an extra second or so to make a decision. It is very unpredictable and even the best of players wont see it coming if you use it correctly! You can also stop by doing a fake shot without holding any direction (see video below)

- Don't be afraid to throw in a skill move or two, the roulette and fake shot are very simple and easy to master, these skills change the running animation of your player -> meaning your play cannot easily be read and players will be more fearful when you attack - when people panic you will get more opportunities.

Skill moves and when to use them

- Skip past this section completely if you don't care about using skill moves.

- If you want to take your game to the next level and start really adding some flair into your play, you can decide to use the more advanced skills with the 4* and 5* skillers, although i DO NOT recommend doing so until you have mastered the basics of attacking and the dribbling techniques above. This should be the final piece of attacking that you add to your arsenal after you have mastered everything else.

- Again i repeat, you shouldn't be concentrating on learning these until you master the more simple dribbling techniques above!

- Here is a video showing every skill move in the game, if you want to see the full details about all the skills, click on the video (so it opens up into a youtube page) and in the video description, all the info is there.

- My first piece of advice for skills is only use them in the opponents half, if you make a mistake in your own half on FIFA 13 it usually leads to a goal being conceded!

- Best skills to use and when;

- Roulette - best to use when the defender is running directly at you, if you time it right, you will swirl around the defender with ease and have space in front of you to run into. This is effective at beating a RB or LB on the wings, good at beating a CM as they come to close you down in the middle and also CB's.

- Fake shot - Good to use anywhere in the oppositions half. It can be used as a fake pass - to fool a defender into thinking you are going to pass and instead you turn into space. It can be used around the oppositions box as a fake shot (obviously), it is useful when you get past a defender and are running into space, if they are catching up to you and are about to tackle you, you can use it to turn back on yourself to avoid the tackle. It is also good if you want to quickly turn into any open space, either inside or down the line. If you use it well, it adds unpredictability to your game. (see video above for different varieties of fake shot)

- Stepovers - good to burst into space anywhere on the pitch, excellent if you want to change direction fluently. Use it to fake out a defender then push it past them.

- Ronaldo chop - good to cut inside of a full back when running down the line, also good to avoid a defenders tackle and get a free kick.

- Rainbow flick - i use this a lot if i am one on one with a full back, people simply don't expect it, run directly at them, time it well and you will flick the ball over their head and be away. It is also good over the top of CBs if you can pull it off, it sets you up for one of those extremely powerful ultimate team volleys. (shown in the bottom video of this section)

- Berbatov spin/McGeady spin - If you see a tackle coming in from an opponent at an angle, this is very good to spin away from the challenge. It is good when you are running down the line and are trying to get inside of the full back, it will shield the ball from you opponent at the same time as turning inside of them.

- Flip flap - this is very good at fooling the defender into thinking you are going one way and then actually going the other, making some space. Good on the wings 1 on 1 against a full back and also in the middle when trying to make space for a shot.

- Here is a video showing how to use some of these skills, with some really good examples of where they are useful, i definitely recommend watching this video;

- Most importantly when attacking, whether it be passing, dribbling or skilling - keep variety in your play and constantly try new things, if you surprise yourself, you will definitely surprise your opponent.

Shooting and finishing

- Use the skill games and the practice arena to your advantage! Practice all the shot types below in these games and you will see an improvement!

- First and foremost, the incredibly powerful driven shot needs a mention. If you simply use a regular shot by pressing B/circle, it will more than likely rocket into the net if your player is lined up correctly.

- If you are outside of the box and space opens up to shoot, do not hesitate and take the shot, you will at least get a corner kick out of it! You will quickly get used to the power and angle you need to be at in order to score, like everything it does take practice.

- Finesse long shots are highly unlikely to go on, they are not as powerful as they were on FUT12, so do not rely on scoring these very often. I would recommend not even trying them from outside the penalty area unless you get a very favorable angle to do so - where you will clearly be able to curl it across the keeper.

- If you are running through on goal, there are many ways you can finish off the chance;

1. If the keeper stays on his goal line and doesn't rush you, i highly recommend that you do a normal shot (just pressing B/circle) and hit it to the near post, for some reason on FUT13 the keepers can rarely cover their near post successfully from power shots.

2. If the keeper comes out you have a few options;

2.1 - You can finesse the ball around the keeper (make sure you have a decent angle on to do so), to do this you will want to let go of sprint as you near the goalie, then hold RB and press B / R1+O.

2.2 - You can power shot the ball past the keeper using B/circle, however if you want to do this you must make sure the shot stays low (not too much power) and that there is a gap to the side of the goalkeeper where the ball can travel straight - directly from your players foot to the goal.

2.2 - You can chose to chip the goalkeeper, to do this you press LB+B / L1+O. You don't want to chip the ball if you are too far out, because sometimes it will bounce, slow down, and the keeper can run back and grab it, so no further out that the edge of the box. You can wait until the goalkeeper is right near your feet, then when he dives to ground chip the ball and it will pop over the top of him and into the net. Or you can chip it while he is running towards you, but make sure he is not too close otherwise he will be able to parry it away.

2.3 - You can use the RS flick to push the ball past him and have a tap in into an open net. Make sure the keeper is close enough to you that he commits himself to the challenge - as he is about to try to get the ball, just flick the stick then run around him and tap it in.

2.4 - Lastly you could chose to try to use skill moves to get past him for a flashy goal (i wouldn't recommend this unless you are at least 3 goals up, because if you fail, you could regret it later on in the game). There are many skills that could get past the goalkeeper; the best i would say are the fake shot, the heel flick, the roulette and the rainbow flick, i prefer to use either the roulette or rainbow flick, but it is all down to personal preference. You can practice going around the keeper with skill in the arena.


- Again, like with the shooting, you can practice all the crossing scenarios in the fun skill games!

- For crosses, I would say the earlier you get your cross in, the more likely you are going to score, the most important thing is to get the ball into the box before your opponents defenders are in a good position to head it away (if they are running back towards their own goal, that is a good time to cross). As soon as you cut back, the defenders can get into better positions and mark your players.

- Crosses are very simple, the more power you put on, the further it goes, so if you want to cross the ball to the player on the near post you tap cross, if you want to play it to the middle you hold cross a little longer, if you want to play it to the back post you hold it longer still.

- If you are slightly behind the strikers you are trying to play the ball into, you can play an early cross which whips the ball around towards your player by holding LB and pressing x / L1/square, these often catch the defenders off guard if done correctly at the correct moment.

- If you want to hit the ball in low across the box (which can sometimes lead to defenders scoring own goals) then tap X/square twice quickly and your player will play a ground cross. These are very useful, they can be used when the player you are trying to cross to doesn't have a good position to header, it then gives them a chance to attack the ball and have more chance of succeeding. I find them useful when i only have 1 man to aim for, especially if they are on the back post. Experiment with it and you will find how it works best for you.

- You can also hit in an early ground cross by holding LB and tapping X twice / L1 and tap square twice.

Attacking corners

- Corners are pretty standard, you can score them most simply by whipping the ball in and hoping for the best, a lot does rely on luck.

- You could create a custom tactic to help you out, here is an example of one made by "ARedGummyBear" on these forums (Thanks for that) -> Note i have not tried this so i cannot tell you if it is successful, try it out for yourself!

- "Basically I suggest creating a custom set piece

Attacking you have 4 men spread between the Penalty box and Half way line (make sure they are wingers or full backs)

One far back post, one close post and one short.

Also have the rest running from edge of box onto seperate zones.

When going back post use the forward on the LS with 3 1/2 to 4 bars of power

When going close use forward LS and 2-2 1/2 bars of power

When aiming for incoming runners move the LS left and power 3 bars (get them to run centrally)



- The most important thing when it comes to set pieces in this game is practice!

- Use the skill games and the practice arena to your advantage, practice makes perfect.


- When i take freekicks, i always take into account the distance away from goal -> this influences which tactic i decide to use.

- Up to around 32 yards out, i use a highly effective method that works a lot of the time for me. What i do is aim slightly inside of the post that is directly over the wall, i then hold up on the left stick when pressing B/circle to put top spin onto the freekick - this gets it up over the wall and back down in time to keep the shot on target.

- Obviously a good freekick taker is better for this, you shouldn't have too much trouble if the freekick taker has 75+ stats in all categories. Obviously the further you are away from the goal, the more power you should put into the freekick. I cannot explain exactly how much power to put into the shot, because all freekick takers are slightly different, just keep practicing with one player and you will learn how much power is best for what scenario (my FK taker is Mata)

- Any further out than 32 yards, then i am not the man to talk to, however here is a good freekick tutorial that will help you out;


Defending (Settings)

Now there are many different methods of defending, and we all know how annoying counter attacks are on UT13. I will share what i have found most successful;

NOTE - I use a different setting for player switching (Air Balls) so i can control the specific players i want when defending, it will take a little getting used to but it is much better in the long run.

- Defensive & Ultra Defensive are useful to stop being out-numbed constantly on the counter attack (the defensive settings on FUT13 play like balanced settings on FUT12 for some reason).

-This only applies if you play with full backs this year in 4 atb formations. It just stops your full backs from leaving your CBs out to dry every time on the counter attack.

- I switch my teams mentality to defensive simply so my LB, RB & CMs don't think they are strikers, if you don't you will end up with 3 on 2 counter attacks in the oppositions favor every time. I highly recommend it. All it does is restrict your defensive players runs forward, it has no bearing on how you play the game (it is more than possible to play a good possession game based game in your oppositions half when set on defensive)

- It depends what set-up (formation and players) you use when deciding to use defensive or ultra defensive; you should know right away which is best for you after trying each one out! All you want is your defenders to stop making 40 yard runs down the pitch, if they are sticking to their position, then that is the setting you need!

- If you are using a 3 atb formation, you will not need to do this! Because it is mainly the full backs AI which causes the problems!

- Don't play 5 atb, it is not fun for anyone - for neither you or your opponent. It is a football sim, you will never see professional teams play 5 atb unless they have extremely bad injury problems or are around 8 leagues below their opponents. Secondly it is a game, which primary objective is to be fun entertainment during your leisure time, be respectful to your opponent, realize they are simply playing to try to have fun too, exploiters ruin the experience for everyone else.

Become part of the solution, not part the problem!

- When defending, NEVER press B/circle, because when your player gets close enough, he will automatically put his foot out to take the ball from the opponent. Pressing B will cause your player to lunge, when you do that it is so simple for your opponent to simply walk past you whilst your player is helpless to do anything about it because of the tackling animation.

Defending when your defenders are all back near the edge of your box;

- Patience is the KEY, you aren't going to be able to win the ball back in half a second, wait for the opponents mistake and pounce on it

- Control your CDM/CM (jockeying), mark the potential passes/passing lanes in the central areas in front of your back 4 and second man press by holding down RB/R1 (however be sure to note what player is pressing, don't do it if one of your back 4 runs out).

- Don't let them through the middle, that is your first priority - That is where the goal is, simple yet true.

- Never move from the centre when controlling your CDM, never leave your CBs exposed, push the opponent wide.

- If they look like they are going to wind up for the shot, just move slightly more towards them and close off their angles, but don't dive in, if you are close enough your player will block the shot and when players are closed down their long shots are less effective anyway.

- If you do push them wide, be sure to have quick RB and LB so you can't get pace abused around the outside, because crosses seem to lead to goals often in this years UT.

- If the ball is near to you whilst jockeying, or your opponent makes a mistake, your player will automatically steal the ball without you having to press B.

- Note you can sprint and jockey at the same time, useful when the opponent is making quick turns to fool you.

- Although this guy uses auto contain instead of manual jockeying, his defending principles are the same as mine, don't put too much pressure on until the opponent is near your box, pay close attention to the diagram of the pitch he shows to get a better idea;

Defending counter attacks & through balls when your opponent has space;

- It is essential that you SLOW DOWN the opponent when defending against a counter attack - this is so the rest of your players can get back into their defensive positions.

- My first tip for defending a counter attack is to switch straight to the central midfielder closest to the defence as soon as you see the counter attack coming. Chase back with this CM - try to win the ball back as the opponent won't be expecting a tackle from behind, if he dodges your challege, keep running back and position your CM in front of your back 4 then repeat the process of defending as in the "Defending when your defenders are all back near the edge of your box" section above.

The reason behind chasing back with a midfielder is that if you control one of your defenders, you can easily pull them out of position by mistake, then leaving a simple through ball option for your opponent. If there are no spaces opening up in your back 4, your opponent will likely hesitate and this will SLOW HIM DOWN, then when you come in to tackle him from behind one of three things will happen;
1. He will dodge your challenge by turning back (thus slowing him down)
2. He will pass the ball, giving you a possibility to intercept that pass, also likely slowing his play down
3. You will tackle him and get the ball back with your CM.

- To defend through balls - if you do see a clever run being made by your opponents striker in behind your defence, your best option is to switch to a defender who is closest to that striker and manually cover the run then try to cut out the pass. Whilst waiting to make the interception, hold RB/R1 to second man press, which makes another player automatically pressure the ball.

- If a through ball is managed to be played through and you are running side by side with the striker, hold B/circle and your defender will start to muscle the attacker off, tugging at his shirt and getting his body in the way, a lot of the time the striker will fall over or will just get pushed off the ball = you win the ball back. Worst case scenario you will give away a foul (these fouls very rarely lead to yellow cards don't worry)

Defending chipped/lobbed through balls

- Now, i have seen a lot of people on the threads complaining about chipped through balls, these are some good ways to defend them.

- If you notice that your opponent is constantly trying to LB+Y/L1+triangle over the top of your defence, manually select the defender closest to the oppositions striker that is most likely going to receive the pass and mark him -> STAY GOAL SIDE do not worry about the offside trap.

- Defenders with height and good heading will be good at defending this type of ball, because as it comes over as long as you are marking the striker goal side, your defender will be able to head it away.

- If the ball is played in further behind and your defenders gets to the ball first, they may take a strange touch and them get dispossesed by the oncoming striker - who can run through and score. The easy was to solve this problem is by pressing B/circle at your defenders first touch, he will then automatically clear the ball out of danger for a throw in or corner - much better than conceding a goal. Better safe than sorry.

- Another way to defend it is as the ball is coming over the top, if you are close enough to your penalty box, just head the ball straight back to your keeper who will catch it, problem solved!

* Disclaimer - Using the Defensive or Ultra Defensive setting is to fix the broken attacking intelligence in the game that always leaves your defenders out of position, nothing else. ALL Ultra Defensive does is stop defensive players from making attacking runs when you are in possession of the ball -> it is simply a solution to fix a bug in the game, NOTHING ELSE.

Defending Corners

- If the ball is going to land anywhere in your 6 yard box (the small rectangular box inside the penalty area) i highly recommend holding Y and letting your keeper come and claim it, the same thing applies when people make a back post cross, it will have enough height on the cross giving your keeper enough time to come out and claim it.

- Other than that, if your keeper will not be able to get the the ball, when it is played in, hold LT/L1 to face onto the ball and then try to time your defensive header well and hope for the best, there is always a large factor of luck involved in corners.

- Thanks again to "ARedGummyBear" who gave me these tips. He also says if the ball is too far out for the keeper to catch then you should;

- "All other times control the man on the line as it gives more reaction time to clear

With Air balls you will auto switch to someone who can win the header so mash B :/"

Defending using contain/second man press

- Now personally, i don't find this method particularly effective because the better players will now how to play their way around it, however it is an alternative method of defending that could work out for you.

- Note this video was NOT made by me, i do not own it in any way and am simply referencing it as an informative guide to help you out.

- Again i stress i do not defend this way because i find it pulls my players out of position too much and the better players on FIFA can exploit that. This is merely giving you an alternative method of defending, whether or not you chose to use it is up to you!

How to Apply these tips and add them into your game successfully

- Now, obviously there is quite a lot to take in from this thread tips wise, so my best advice would be to introduce a few of them into your game at a time, rather than all in one go. Once you feel you have mastered these tips, then move onto the next few, this will keep adding new dimensions into your game as you master more different skills.

- The best way to chose what to do first, is by identifying the biggest weakness in your game, then go to the tips, pick out a few from the section and master them. Keep doing this to iron out the biggest flaws in your game!

- For example, if your biggest weakness is that you cannot defend against counter attacks, have a look at the defending counter attacks section, then integrate some of the tips in there to improve your defending. Master them, then pick your next greatest weakness in your game, master that and keep adding more and more.

- Note i will be adding more onto these tips if i think of anything else, or if anyone gives me some good points to add in the comments. So be sure to check back here every so often to see if there are any new tips.

Building your team

- Make sure with whatever team you decide to build, you have 9 chemistry with each player.

This is because if a player has good chemistry and morale they get an attribute boost - for example i have Balotelli who is 84 rated, however with 9 chemistry and good morale he moves up to an 88 rating.


- The first thing you need to decide is what formation works best for you?

- Here are the pros and cons of each formation;http://forum.ea.com/uk/posts/list/1944813.page

- I personally prefer 4 atb formations with a CDM and that is what i would recommend, although of course this is completely down to your own preference;


What type of players do you need in what positions?

- Everything you need to know about every player, whether it be work-rates, weak foot, skill moves, league, nationality, positions etc can all be found here;


- Click onto the "player database" and there are tons of search options to find the exact player that would fit perfectly into your squad!

- This is a list of positions; i have included what is the best sort of player for each role (although these are not strict guidelines by any means). This is just to give you a rough idea of what to look for when buying players for certain positions;

CB - Workrate Att [low/medium] Def [high] Key attributes - Defending, Heading, Strength (i like tall CBs too), Pace is not a bad thing by any means. The perfect example; Vincent Kompany

LB&RB - Workrate Att [med] Def [med] Key attributes - Pace, Defending, Dribbling (if you want to attack with your full backs) The perfect example; Gael Clichy

CDM - Workrate Att [medium/low] Def [high] Key attributes - Defending, Passing, Strength, only average pace is needed here. Note if you are playing two CDMs, it is much better to have 2 different types of player that compliment each other's player. For example a destroyer like Tiote who is strong and excellent defensively and a more box to box type player who is more of an all rounder e.g Ramires.

CM - Workrate Att [?] Def [?] - Key attributes - I cannot give guidelines here as there are so many options, it all depends what you want out of your CM - a passer, a dribbler, a tackler, a defensive minded player, an attacking minded player? it is completely up to you, just make sure you create a good balance between attacking and defending CMs.

CAM - Workrate Att [medium/high] Def [medium/low] Key attributes - Dribbling, Passing, Shooting and Average Pace (80+ is more than enough).

LM,LW,LF & RM,RW,RF - Workrate - Att [?] Def [?] - I cannot give guideline as to what workrates you will want because it depends if you want an attacking winger or defensive winger. Pace is key as is Dribbling, possibly passing and shooting (depending if you want to cross with your wingers or cut inside and shoot with them)

CF - Workrate - Att [medium/high] Def [medium/low] Key attributes - Similar to your CAM and i find some CAMs like Mata work well in this role. Dribbling, Passing, Shooting and 80 pace is more than enough. I like this player to be a natural number 10, for example Mata, Silva, Nasri, Kagawa, Cazorla

S.T - Workrate - Att [high/medium] Def [medium/low] Key attributes - Pace, Shooting, Heading, Strength, Dribbling (depending on your play style). If you are using one S.T then it is important they are good at everything e.g. Balotelli. If you are going to use 2 S.T then you can have one who is fast and good at dribbling, one who is strong. Create the best combo for you!

- Again, use the link above to find out all the players hidden attributes to create a well balanced team.

- Balance is everything!

My recommended BPL players for under 1000 coins - for those just starting out

The players in bold are the ones i believe are the best from the choices, however it is all down to personal preference of course!

- S.T Louis Saha (Sunderland) - His card stats lie - his dribbling and shooting are amazing, he also has good pace and strength. Simply put, BUY HIM.

S.T Shane Long (West Brom) - Pure pace and surprisingly good at heading.

S.T Kone (Wigan Athletic) - Fast, has a rocket shot and 4 star skills.

S.T Andy Carroll (West Ham) - If you love whipping the crosses in to a big target man then Carroll is your guy, ridiculously strong and good in the air!

S.T Giroud (Arsenal) - Haven't used him personally, but could be worth a go, he is very tall and strong plus has 80 shooting!

S.T Cisse (QPR) - Literally the same sort of player as Kone

S.T Jones (Stoke) - The king of target men, he also has some good pace to go along with his brute strength, good player and definitely worth the coins

S.T Berbatov (Fulham) - Most skillful player on this list, 81 rated, 81 shooting, 80 passing, 82 dribbling 4 star skills and he is strong. If you don't need pace in your strikers, this guy is a beast.

- CF - You would be far better off getting a CAM from below and buying a card to make them a CF (the cards are cheap). Doing this can also potentially add value to the player, so take note of that fact when you are selling them on!

- LW Scott Sinclair (Manchester City) - Excellent pace and dribbling, 4 star skills a very good winger (you will be able to get him for 1000 coins if you are patient, although he is worth more IMO.

- LW Arshavin (Arsenal) - 81 rated, 5 star weak foot, 4 star skills, 86 dribbling, good at shooting, dribbling and passing. Why is this guy so cheap?

- LW Assaidi (Liverpool) - Very fast, good dribbling and 5 star skills for under 1000 coins!

- RW Nathan Dyer (Swansea) - Same as Sinclair above

- RW Victor Moses (Chelsea) - Good pace and dribbling, he is strong and has 4 star skills. (May be my Chelsea bias that is recommending him, but even so he is a good player)

- LM Hoilett (QPR) - Cheap, pacey and good dribbling

- LM Matt Jarvis (West Ham) - Pure undiluted pace.

- RM Pennant (Stoke) - Cheap, pacey and good at dribbling

- CAM Adam Lallana (Southampton) - Great dribbling, 4 star skills, has a good shot, you can't go wrong

- CAM De Guzman (Swansea) - Same as Lallana above

- CAM Marko Marin (Chelsea) - Should be a definite purchase, 86 dribbling for under 1000 coins is a steal (although he may go back up in price when he starts playing for Chelsea - he is currently injured)

- CAM Sigurdsson (Spurs) - If you want your CAM to take lots of long shots and finish off chances, this guy is for you.

- CAM Bryan Ruiz (Fulham) - 86 dribbling and 4 star skills for under 1000 coins - Bargain. However he is not very pacey, so if you cannot play with slow players, avoid him.

- CAM Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) - 84 dribbling and 84 passing for under 1000 coins, only thing he lacks is pace.

- CAM Ramsey (Arsenal) - Very good player if you want your CAM to be the one to be the playmaker - he has excellent passing and good dribbling, so he is good at setting up goals.

- CAM Park (QPR) - same as Ramsey above

- CM Leon Britton (Swansea) - Very good all rounder with excellent short passing, a good play maker from the centre of midfield

- CM Granero (QPR) - If you want a player to sit in the middle and just pass it, Granero is the perfect player.

- CM Anderson (Manchester United) - Very good all around midfielder, fast, good dribbling, good passing

- CM Joe Allen (Liverpool) - Good all around midfielder

- CM Dorrans (West Brom) - Same as Allen above

- CM Diaby (Arsenal) - I know i said under 1000 coins, but an exception needs to be made for this guy! He will cost a little more than that (around 1,500 at most), but he is an absolute must have for your team, he is a very very good player

- CDM John Obi Mikel (Chelsea) - Very solid defensive midfielder, strong and good defensive stats, always in the right place

- CDM Lucas Levia (Liverpool) - All around good midfielder, a jack of all trades.

- CDM Jack Rodwell (Manchester City) - Same as Lucas Levia above

- CDM Sandro (Spurs) - Same as Rodwell and Lucas

- CDM Anita (Newcastle) - Perfect if you want some pace in your central midfield

- CB Ryan Shawcross (Stoke) - Very good defender, strong, good in the air does the job well

- CB Phil Jagielka (Everton) - Same as Shawcross above

- CB Distin (Everton) - Again same as Shawcross & taller and faster than Jagielka

- CB Djourou (Arsenal) - If you want a quick defender, then he is for you, and an added bonus is he is very tall

- LB Davide Santon (Newcaste) - Cheap quick left back

- LB Fabio (QPR) - Same as Santon above

- RB Azpilicueta (Chelsea) - Cheap quick right back

- GK - Ben Foster (West Brom) - That is all you need to know. My team costs around 250k and this guy is still my goalkeeper.


My most important tip of of all, relax, stay calm and HAVE FUN! It is a game after all, that is what it is made for! If you simply enjoy it, and add a few of these tips into you play style, i promise you that you will see drastic improvements in your gameplay and overall FUT experience!


- How do you set your team to Ultra Defensive? Press left on the D-Pad twice during a game.
- How do you Jockey? Hold down LT/L2
- How do you second man press? Hold down RB/R1
- How do i change my player switching settings? Press start (pause), slide over to settings, then to xbox/ps3 controller settings, change the Player Switching from "Auto" to "Air Balls"
- What formation & team do you use? I use a 4-2-3-1 Barclays Premier League team

Success Stories;

NoAmericano - Yay! Your advice really helped! I've now won four matches in a row with the majority possession each game. The four matches resulted in a Gold Cup trophy! Thanks again for the help.
KingKennysArmy - Definitively enjoying the game a lot more since I switched to ultra defensive, much more realistic game now.
Baxy - Ok played my first game with your tips in mind and it was great fun unlike the other games in division 2! Needless to say it was an easy win.
Dakkahunter - Really useful info, this is actually very detailed and though I knew a lot of this stuff already, I learned many other new things, thanks!
x Shock JM - Helped me with defending, in the first 2 divisions i got all wins but in divisions 3 and 2 my defending wasn't up to the task, now it is.
OLLIE4UNITED - If you can master this guide, then those so called ''sweaty teams'' have no chance.
Azugeh - Going to give this a bump, as some of these tips helped me out
FCNewsome - Excellent little guide. I use most of these tips anyway, but without a doubt the most helpful were the ones about passing back to go forward and slow it down. Fifa 12 was all about sprinting past players, but now i only use sprint if theres actual space to sprint into.
AvIt0822 - Must say, I was skeptical about going ultra defensive because it is completely opposite to how I play. But I am amazed as to how well it works, and Pirlo plays exactly where you would see him irl, in the pocket between defense and midfield, and he just bosses the game for me... All-in-all this has worked surprisingly well and deserves to be a sticky.
Stensuh - After reading this topic 2 days ago i started playing ultra defensive. It's amazing, i'm always in possession in the opponents half and can get the ball so easy when i lose it. Win almost every game with 3 goals difference, 60+% possession and +90% passing.
Java Man BR - Very nice thread. Your time saved my time with all those amazing tips.
IVIoosh - Really good guide, must've taken a while so thanking you my friend
Mortfini - A great guide I found myself having more fun in game rather then caring about winning or losing
clubbmeister - thanks a bunch, was terrible at defending, 1 goal allowed in 6 games
Somalias0n - Lost 5 games in a row, dropped from division 2 to division 3, then read this guide and then won 5 games in a row and back to 2
T3nchi - Just won Division 2 and 1 today lost 2 games in both! Your defending tips definitely helped.
aleaxnderh - Thank you for the effort and finesse you put into the guide. I have recently struggled from a "fifa-meltdown" when nothing seems to workout anymore.. But with this guide I manage to find back and enjoy the bloody game once again.
Match90 - Thanks for the tips, saw your thread last week on saturday after losing 5 in a row but i won the next 5 after seeing your thread.
CountD86 - I was always getting so frustrated with the pacey counter n00bs, but listening to some of this advice has turned me from being beaten by plenty of poxy goals to now controlling the game. ok maybe only winning by 1-0 or 2-0 but stopping more than half of counter attacks! Top thread!
Dave-la-kingenbo - Tips changed the game for me, been playing MUCH more confidently in defence and enjoying FIFA again. Thank you.
UTRManager - haven't read it all yet but started using the bits i have read and got promoted to div 1 straight away and now on 4-0-0. Thank you!
Junglist8 - Thanks for the tips, certainly helped playing pace abusers. Was owning a noob who decided to try the possession game after his long ball tactics stopped working except that his team was solely built upon pace, Zanetti, Pastore and Cassano was passing triangles around him!

If you have any extra questions i would be happy to help -> PM me if needs be. Also make sure to PM me if you have had success after using these tips, i will add these comment's to the "success stories" section, so others know they actually work!

Share your tips if you have any to add!

Please leave a quick comment if you found this helpful, this will keep the thread bumped so others can see!

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Should help tons if they don't say TL: DR.

Impressed by the effort you put in though, I'm sure there'll be thankful people out there.

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I'm going to try and keep the thread bumped for a little while so more people can see

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iTz-Dasco wrote:Should help tons if they don't say TL: DR.

Impressed by the effort you put in though, I'm sure there'll be thankful people out there.

I don't get it mate? whats TL: DR?

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'Play possesion' is easy to say...but when you lose ball he have 5 against your two cb's.

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SmithBoi91 wrote:
iTz-Dasco wrote:Should help tons if they don't say TL: DR.

Impressed by the effort you put in though, I'm sure there'll be thankful people out there.

I don't get it mate?

Well, considering this place is full of trolls that can't read anything more than 5 sentences they go "tl;dr" meaning too long, didn't read.

However, to those who do read it they'll learn alot. It's basically the way I play just about from what you've said so I know for a fact if people take this information on-board, they can improve their overall performance.

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iTz-Dasco wrote:
SmithBoi91 wrote:
iTz-Dasco wrote:Should help tons if they don't say TL: DR.

Impressed by the effort you put in though, I'm sure there'll be thankful people out there.

I don't get it mate?

Well, considering this place is full of trolls that can't read anything more than 5 sentences they go "tl;dr" meaning too long, didn't read.

However, to those who do read it they'll learn alot. It's basically the way I play just about from what you've said so I know for a fact if people take this information on-board, they can improve their overall performance.

Ohh i see, i;m newish to using the forums so i don't know all the short hand yet .

Hopefully the trolls wont bother coming onto a thread like this, just wanna help people adjust who actually need the help, because it's a lot easier to improve when you know how to go about it; rather than having to use trial and error. Thanks for the comment!

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JacoBee1254 wrote:'Play possesion' is easy to say...but when you lose ball he have 5 against your two cb's.

Ultra defensive my friend, try it out, it stops your players making stupid 40 yard runs out of position nearly as often - so you are a lot better equipt to deal with a counter attack! It doesn't hurt having solid pacey CBs though, like Luiz!

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Hehe no problem, it's a shame though that these types of threads drop like a brick from a 10floor building despite how helpful they are.

I'll bump it every now and again whenever.

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Personally don't like playing Ultra defensive, the amount of unlucky goals I concede because my players swarm together is incredibly annoying. At the most, I'll switch between offensive-neutral-defensive.

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SmithBoi91 wrote:
JacoBee1254 wrote:'Play possesion' is easy to say...but when you lose ball he have 5 against your two cb's.

Ultra defensive my friend, try it out, it stops your players making stupid 40 yard runs out of position nearly as often - so you are a lot better equipt to deal with a counter attack! It doesn't hurt having solid pacey CBs though, like Luiz!

One of my cb's have 75 pace
second one have 71(this 71 have high defensive and medium attacking workrates)
and one of my cdms have medium attacking and high defensive workrates(second one is med/med)
Also my LB have medium attacking and high def...
will this work?

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i feel a little cheap using ultra defensive but it does help.

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so basically sit ultra defensive pass around the defence and then hoof a sweaty lob pass to your STR and hope for a lucky goal, then do it all over again oh maybe throw in some sweaty skill moves.... like the fake kick turn great advice mate
next time u do one of these threads u should offer anti perspirant and a towell u sweatbag

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0089152 wrote:so basically sit ultra defensive pass around the defence and then hoof a sweaty lob pass to your STR and hope for a lucky goal, then do it all over again oh maybe throw in some sweaty skill moves.... like the fake kick turn great advice mate
next time u do one of these threads u should offer anti perspirant and a towell u sweatbag

You didn't even read it..

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