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Seeing as this thread went down very well and was useful on the old forums I decided to bring it over here to the new forums. Hopefully it'll be just as useful here


There have been a lot of complaints about gamer face and how the transition between the generated gamer face and in-game face is broken. Despite this it is not overly difficult to fix these issues so I have written a guide to try and help people with these issues.

Slanted eyes:

If you are suffering with your player looking like he has "Slanted eyes" I first suggest changing where you look at your Virtual Pro. If you are looking at your Virtual Pro in the Virtual Pro>Edit Pro screen I suggest you go to the arena, score a quick goal and and then press x to go into the replay screen. From here choose the Orbit camera and spin around and zoom to see your face up close.
The reason I say to do this is because the Virtual Pro>Edit Pro screen tends to make all Virtual pros look more "Slanted" yet in game it looks completely fine.
If you still have "Slanted eyes" I suggest going back to where you create your gamerface online and trying various different skin tones as this fixed mine when I had an issue.
If you are still having problems with "slanted eyes" I suggest moving the markers slightly on your eyes when creating your gamerface and trying again. The only other thing that could be an issue is your picture you are using. If your picture has reflections on your eyes (window reflection, flash reflection etc) try either photoshopping the reflection out or taking a fresh new picture and trying to generate your gameface again.

The Skin Colour Mask/Pale face/Ghost Face/"Sunburnt" Face:

Next up common issue is people complaining about non matching skin tones e.g. a tanned body and head but a pale white face. The bottom line with this issue is it is down to the picture you start with and how suitable it is.

It personally took me 3 pictures to get the skin tone to a level where it matched in game so much that I was happy with it. I only have two of the images but I think the comparison is good enough to give people an idea of how to fix their skin tone issues.

These are the two images:

In the "bad picture" I actually took every little bit of advice on the EA guide to getting a good image by using a white background, even lighting, the camera was 3 foot away from me etc. The problem is in the bad picture the even lighting was obviously too "cold" and in turn made my skin look paler than it actually is and was lacking any "warm" skin tones. When I talk about warm and cold skin tones I am referring to the colours captured. If an image has a "cold" look, it is because the blues, purples and lighter, pale colours are more dominate, thus making the image look "cold". In a "warm" picture reds, oranges, yellows etc are more dominate thus giving the image a warmer look.
My bad picture lacked any of the warm colours thus meaning when the gamer face tool tried to merge my image skin tone with it's in-game model the image details were "cold" whilst the in-game model was neutral.
So what you need to do if you have the mask/pale/ghost face is make sure your picture is neutral in colours. Try taking your picture in different lighting situations until you get the right amount of warmth and coldness in your image. I suggest taking a picture using natural daylight outside first and seeing if it looks ok, if it doesn't then take one indoors but again using natural daylight from a window and see if this is any better. If neither of these work for you then the next step is to turn on your lights indoors and try taking an image where the indoor lighting is directly equal on your face and see how that turns out. As you can imagine depending on your natural skin colour/tone you'll have to go through a little trial and error until you get it just right but when you do it should help the game face engine/in-game engine match your skin tone much better.

Technically EA would say that the bad picture is my good picture and that the good picture is my bad picture (and that should be the case because of the background) but the good picture actually is the better image in terms of skin tone.

Another issue that has arisen is the "sunburnt face". This is down to poor lighting/over exposure.

here is an example:

As you can see the original image was very dark in the foreground and bright in the background. This causes the skin to look darker and red. When then transfered over to the gamer face the face itself looks fine but red all over. This is fine online but obviously when you transfer the gamer face to the in-game game face the skin tone does not match up because of the gamer face is too rich in hot colours (mainly red). Essentially the way game face works is the mouth is directly built from the image you upload and the eyes are "implanted" to the correct position. However the big problem is the skin tones cannot be directly blended so when a very red image is put onto a skin tone it will obviously not match.
The way to fix this is unfortuently to start again taking a picture with much better lighting.

White Patches/"Glowing Spots":

Another issue I've seen a lot of is people complaining that their Virtual pro has "glowing spots" on their game face. This is a simple issue to fix. It is down to glare in your original photograph. Glare is when the lighting you have used was too bright and has caused a loss of detail in the image due to it being too bright.

Here is an example of glare:

If you look at her left cheek (your right) there is a small patch of glare and therefore a loss of detail. If your image has anything like this anywhere then it is likely when your Virtual Pro gamer face is applied that you will have "glowing spots" in that area of your face.

An example of this is with LoveMyslf's picture/ gamer face as you can see here:

As you can see his lighting is bright on the left side of his face (your right) and darker on the right side of his face (your left). This is because the daylight was coming from his left and therefore caused some glare.

This is the result on his gamerface:

As you can see there are patches of glare but a very dominant patch of glare shows on the left side of his face (your right).

So as I suggested keep the glare to a minimum and make sure the lighting source is in front of you when taking your picture.

Hair issues:

Another common thing I have noticed is the "lack of hair options" complaint. What you need to remember is that your choice of hair only affects your small icon in the bottom right whilst playing FIFA 10. You can change the hairstyle of your Virtual Pro in-game via VIRTUAL PRO>EDIT PRO>APPEARANCE>Hair

Whilst it would be nice to have your icon look perfect the in-game face is the important bit and as of recent my icon doesn't even show despite working fine for the first week or so, so I am guessing there are issues with gamerface icons showing or not.

Eyes problems:

A lot of people have been complaining about Zombie-like eyes. I have only seen this once myself but fixed it pretty quickly by moving markers on the eyes. Another good fix is to go to the in-game editor and go to APPEARANCE>Eyes and change the colour of your eyes in-game.

Face size/Head size:

If you create your gamerface and then import it to the game and find that your face is too narrow, too wide etc. This is totally trial and error. The only advice I can give here is how you position your image within the face hole. If your face is too wide try reducing it within the face hole or using the sliders to make your face thinner. It may look wrong in gamer face but it could help no end with your in-game face.

If anyone else has any other tips or advice I can add them to this first post (credit added of course) and hopefully within a couple of weeks people will be a lot happier with their in-game gamerface's

My Facial hair disappeared: (newly added)

The most common reason for this to halalalalala that the facial hair was applied using the gamer face tool. The gamer face tool facial hair is not transfered over to your Virtual Pro game face hence if you are clean shaven in the image you upload and then you add facial hair in the gamer face beta tool it will not transfer over to the in-game Virtual Pro game face. The reason for the facial hair add tool is so that your small icon can be recreated accurately. It is a shame that you cannot add facial hair within the game so if you have a full beard (like myself) you will have to be content with a goatee until EA decide to make it so that you can add facial hair in-game.

Another reason for facial hair not showing up is because it is too light (very light blonde facial hair is very prone to this) or because it is too thinned out and therefore when applied it becomes hard to see. Eyebrows are also prone to dissapear for the same reasons. The only way to fix this is via some photoshopping (darkening the areas to make them show more or atleast be recognised by the gameface tool).

Missing eyebrows and facial hair:

Technical Issues:

To those having issues with gameface not loading/generating your face this is most likely down to technical issues. I suggest maybe posting in here your pc's specs such as:

Graphics card:

and maybe we can find a pattern.

I personally have a NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT graphics card which seems to handle most games and graphics programs just fine and I have not had any issues.

Another idea is to on your PC go to User>EA copy the EASW folder and all of it's contents to a safe place and then reinstall the newest GFCprerequisites.exe and once installed trying game face again. If it doesn't work just go back to User>EA and delete anything there and reinstall the original EASW folder.
Another option is to try different browsers, download the latest java here:

Download Free Java Software - Sun Microsystems http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp)

Quick tips: (newly added)

Anyone with photoshop should do a simple 'sharpen' filter to make the face more detailed - Smoooooochy

Any Photoshop experts will do their colour correction in Photoshop as it's much better than game face. - Smoooooochy

Photoshop can be used to sharpen your image so that gameface recognises small details a lot easier. To do this go on Photoshop, open you picture and choose Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen. This sharpens the details of the image and can help get a better outcome. - Smoooooochy

If you have an XBox Live Silver account you will not be able to download your gameface onto your virtual pro, this is for XBox Live Gold account holders only.

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Great thread Spike and I'm sure lots of people will find this useful.

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Dead sexy pics Spike

Nice work!


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thank you this has helped me alot

Thanks SmithRFC

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Thanks mate, helped alot

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Cheers mate im sure this will help a lot


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Awesome guide man, glad its made it across very, very useful!


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I look like an middle eastern in my gamer face

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Thanks for the information. Do you think using both a front and side view will enhance the gamerface?

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Thank you for posting this, I will likely use it. You are very good looking.

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Yeah sweet thread, i got the different skin tone problem so i gave up but ill give it another shot in F11 with this to help me. Thanks

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Cheers, helped a heap

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Looks gud

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Very helpful thanks

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well this is a nice idear mate!!!

for them having prob's with there face. :-)

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