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To the Home of Ultimate Team Serie A, not Seria A, Serie A. Owned by Me, the Aimdown and AeB 18.

Here you can talk about:

Help with your Serie A team.
Real life transfer Rumours in Serie A.
Real life Matches in Serie A.
Talk about IF's and Potential IF's.
Show off your Serie A team.

Congratulations to Juventus for going the whole season undefeated and winning the Scudetto.

Quick Reviews of IF's: (Please Only submit a Review if you've actually used the IF, also, a player can have more than 1 review)

If you want to submit a quick review just PM me. Do not post it in the lounge please PM me.
Also please PM me if I've made any mistakes.



IF Pegolo (70 GK)Brilliant keeper.
Always in position, and is capable of diving across the entire goal to make a save.
Rarely beaten by finesse shots and long shots.
Better than all the other Silver Serie A GKs.
(I have them all). 9/10 (UltimateMT)
IF Agliardi (72 GK) Review Needed
IF Benassi (73 GK) Really good, alot better then Neto or Antonioli. 7/10 (Mikosper)
IF Consigli (74 GK) Review Needed
SIF Consigli (74 GK) Great goalkeeper. Topnotch reflex saves and doesn't miss easy ones. Great at 1v1s. The Silver Handanovic bar the long throw trait. 9/10 (the AimDown)
IF Antonioli (74 GK) Noticed no difference from the already Insanely good NIF, I only have him for the IF Look. (8/10) (Mikosper)



IF Centurioni (70 CB) Hes got good heading on him and defending but very slow but because you can buy him for his discard price hes roughly not too bad. 5/10 (RoYaL BeAsTzZ)
IF Mandelli (74 CB) Very Slow, but he doesn't need pace as he is a tank, very good tackling and heading. 8/10. (Mikosper)


IF Marchese (74 LB) Pretty slow and average tackles, does have 87 shot power though. 4/10. (Mikosper)
not good at all (4/10) (AeB 18.)


IF Barreto (74 CM/CDM) Pretty Slow, has the longshot trait, mainly a defensive midfielder as he's pretty Big. Good tackling. 6/10. (Mikosper)
God I expected so much more, just not a good midfielder. (3/10) (AeB 18.)
TOTY Lodi (74 CM/CDM) Slightly slow, sluggish dribbling but immense long shots and FK's. Would only recommend if you can afford him and not to sell some of your team to get him. 6.5/10 (VaPeZ)


IF Schelotto (74 RM) Don't play at RW as he is a defensive RM, good enough pace and Likes to track back and put in some decent tackles. 7/10. (Mikosper)




IF Borini (74 STR/CF) Better as a STR, average dribbling and pace but his shooting, passing, heading and finishing is unreal. 9/10. (Mikosper)
Terible ball control but amazing finishing/shooting! Good player. (9/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Destro (74 STR/CF) Exactly the same as Borini, only Borini is slightly better. 7/10. (Mikosper)
just not good. (5/10) (AeB 18.)



IF Carizzo (79 GK) Suprising quite good, seems to save quite a lot that is thrown at him but sometimes his reactions can let him down. His height is definately an advantage too. 6.5/10 (S4LMO)
IF Sorrentino (80 GK) I would rather play without a keeper (-3/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Puggioni (80 GK) Review Needed
IF Amelia (81 GK) Somehow worse than Sorrentino (-4/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Handanovic (81 GK) Easily one of the best goalkeepers with really good reflexes. Makes topnotch saves every game. 8/10 (the Aimdown)
Best IF Keeper in Serie A! Makes some amazing reflex saves, and doesn't miss easy ones. (9/10) (AeB 18.)
SIF Handanovic (82 GK) Beast- saves everything. Great reflexes, a nice long kick and also possesses monster long throws great for counter attacks. Best GK in serie a for me, and costs just a little over discard price. 9.5/10 (stirkee)
IF Marchetti (83 GK) Review Needed
IF Frey (84 GK) Great reflex saves, but can't catch a cold. Frustrating keeper. (3/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Cesar (86 GK) Marginally better than his NIF, but that's not saying much. He pulls off the odd save from close range but other than that is completely useless. Seems too small and never reaches even the most meager of finesse shots. His handling's fairly poor too - he'd struggle to catch a beach ball in a phone booth.
Much better GKs for the price. 4/10 (Chewbacca Jesus)
TOTY Buffon (90 GK) TOTY Buffon - A big improvement on the NIF. He is a lot faster at coming out and gathering. Great in 1 on 1 situations and good reflex saves from close range. Seems very palm-happy though, seems to make saves just for the sake of making them and can sometimes palm back into the box or to the attacker 8/10 (JFColeman92)


IF Abate (81 RB) Better than Maicon, Tracks back with ease with his pace, also great tackling. 8/10. (Mikosper)
Better than Maicon at everything except scoring. But who buys a RB for shooting anyway? Great player, maybe a little overpriced. (8/10) (AeB 18.)
A very useful player, his pace was a huge bonus, but I feel that he is way overpriced. I think Maicon is far better value for money, though I would still get Abate - 7/10 (Obelisk8.)
IF Caceres (81 RB) IF Caceres- His impressive strength combined with decent pace and solid (med/med) positioning make him a force to be reckoned with at RB. He is the Serie A’s kryptonite for cross abusers. If you want a pacey RB to cover for your mistakes, use Abate. If you want a more offensive RB, get Maicon. If you want strength, aerial dominance, and a reliable passer, this Uruguayan beast is the man. Just don't expect him to shoot! (8/10) (NG Raven 17)
he seems like a very good player, consistent and just seems to be in the right place at the right time definitely worth a look - 8/10 (Obelisk8.)
IF Lichtsteiner (82 RB) Review Needed
IF Maicon (86 RB) He is very strong and can push most people off the ball and is just as good as IF Carceres in the air and better at defense. Insane free kicks with 90+ curve and good *. and power. However he attacks a little to much and when he runs to try to get back to defense his stamina is always lower than the wingers and gets outpaced. (8.5/10) (Fitz_fan11)
Total Beast. The 80k Pricetag seems hefty at first, but when you play with him, he seems to defend and attack more. He's Everywhere. His shot is very good, but his tackling even better. As RB's go he's the best I've used. Does get caught out every now and then when he pushes up, But overall, outstanding. (9/10) (Davey D ftw)

IF Paletta (78 CB) Standard CB, solid and good in the air, no real weaknesses. Paired with SIF Samuel was a brick wall. (7/10) (Waheey__)
IF Domizzi (79 CB) Overall he is a great CB with good tackling and heading his 56 pace for me is his only bad point. If you are prepared to look beyond the pace you have a very solid CB who will score a lot of headed goals from corners and has a weird habit of being able to strike the ball from distance despite his bad longshot stats. I would recommend him next to a slightly faster CB to balance his bad pace with his great defending. (7.5/10) (Wheres-Heskey)
IF Legrottaglie (79 CB) Review Needed
IF Spolli (79 CB) Review Needed
IF Kjaer (79 CB) Extremely underrated. Great standing/sliding tackles and a great presence in the air. He seems like a better version of Ferdinand but rated 8 less overall. His pace makes him a secondary option to Chiellini for me though 8/10. (redsoxfan54)
Another quality IF. Big, not too slow, strong, good in the air, good defender. Was surprised in all honesty. (8/10) (AeB 18.)
SIF Paletta (80 CB) Review Needed
IF Astori (81 CB) Really Good, a must have if you can't afford a High rated IF, not the best pace but his tackling is top notch. 8/10 (Mikosper)
See Kjaer, only better. He's just incredible! (9/10) (AeB 18.)
Though it took a couple of games to get used to him, he is very solid in the tackles, plenty of strength and aerial presence. To be fair, he's not the quickest, but he has enough pace to get by - 8/10 (Obelisk8.)
IF Bonucci (81 CB) Best value IF CB in Serie A. Excellent positioning and marking. A rather patient tackler due to his low aggression stat. Good enough pace and actually felt quicker than 74 (*78 sprint speed). Good strength and superb in the air. Most impressed by his passing ability (long passer trait) with 81 short pass! Only subpar area is slide-tackling. (8.5/10) (NG Raven 17)
my favourite CB in this league, without doubt. Adequate pace, always good in the tackles and an absolute beast in the air. I would happily recommend him to anyone with a team in need of a CB - 9/10 (Obelisk8.)
IF Barzagli (82 CB) Short, slow, average. Not worth it, he'll cost you goals and won't get them back on corners. (3/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Chiellini (85 CB) Great CB. Decent pace, amazing tackling and heading. Get the SIF if you can afford though. 7/10 (Mikosper)
Was the best CB on the game until the SIF came out, now he goes for 100k. What are you waiting for? (10/10) (AeB 18.)
SIF Chiellini (86 CB) Best Defender on the game. Nothing much more to say. 10/10 (Mikosper) - Best defender in the game. Good pace, strength, defensive qualities and passing. 10/10 (the Aimdown)
IF Samuel (86 CB)Pretty slow, but hes a tank, amazing tackling and heading. 7/10 (Mikosper)
SIF Samuel (87 CB) Just too slow and short. Not good. Not a good player, he'll cost you goals. (4/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Silva (88 CB) I noticed the Difference over the NIF, excellent defending and good pace, but pushes up sometime when you don't want him too. 7/10 (Mikosper)
Terrible for me. Just terrible. never had the SIF because of how much I hate the IF. (4/10) (AeB 18.)
SIF Silva (89 CB) Not a noticeable difference from the 88 other than a bit more pace and better attacking stats. Easily one of the best defenders though. 9/10 (the Aimdown)
TOTY Chiellini (89 CB) I found a cheat code for this game and it costs 216K. Although very similar to his SIF, the upgrade to his agility, balance, and crossing are definitely noticeable. Why would agility and balance matter? Well when positioning himself to pivot, cut, and change directions when marking, he can now hang with even the likes of Aguero and Ben Arfa. It looks like contain defense, but it’s just Giorgio’s swag. His crossing is useful depending on your formation and play style. Chiellini can now pick out my wings or S T (433) with ease. I have conceded 13 goals in the last 31 matches. NONE.SHALL.PASS. (10/10) (NG Raven 17)
Best best defensive CB on the game. End of. Although I'm 50 games in and he hasn't scored a corner yet. (10/10) (AeB 18.)
TOTY Silva (92 CB) Well...he's good but he's not in the same class as Chiellini. He's a liability to lose those crucial headers from goal kicks. He is a huge improvement over IF Ogbonna, though. (8/10) (AeB 18.)


IF Pasqual (78 LB) Decent LB. Joins attack once in a while but usually stays back. IMO the best IF LB in Serie A. 6/10 (the Aimdown)
Solid LB, gets the job done but isn't really outstanding like Taiwo, IF Nagatomo, etc. (7/10) (AeB 18.)
does what he needs to do, nothing more, nothing less. Doesn't warrant a higher price, but a decent enough 78 - 7/10 (Obelisk8.)
IF Nagatomo (81 LB) Has pretty awesome pace, but tracks forward WAY too much, unless you edit his workrates, dont get him. 4/10 (Mikosper)
Really good pickup for 13k, but for the 30k he costs now I'd just go for Taye or Pasqual. Quick with good defending stats, but he's not going to win any headers. (7/10) (AeB 18.)
I was pretty impressed by him, very good attacking presence, good crossing which you come to expect with his stats. Defensively, there are worse players, but against anyone with any form of strength, you have issues - 8/10 (Obelisk8.)
TOTY De Ceglie (82 LB) I can't really fault this guy. He's a solid defender, has more pace than his card suggests (89 Sprint Speed), has the ideal RB workrates (medium/medium) and can even deliver a good cross if he pushes up. However, he's not as good at heading as Taiwo, nor is he as strong. He's just an expensive alternative to Taiwo (although 25k for a TOTY player is pretty good). 8/10 (Farmer Mildred)
Much more impressive than his stats might suggest. The first thing that stands out is his positioning. He’s always in the right place defensively and works wonders supporting the attack. His passing and tackling are also quality. Best LB in the Serie A. (8.5/10) (NG Raven 17)
Better than any other LB in Serie A, but he's nothing special. Good, but not great. I do like his height on the back post, though, I concede a lot of crosses from when Maicon thinks he's the second coming of Roger Milla and goes and chills with Zlatan. Paolo saves me (7/10) (AeB 18.)


IF Parolo (79 CM) Surprisingly a beast. He has good overall stats for a midfielder, and 99 long shots and 98 shot power. Definitely worth a look, I played him at CDM and he was excellent. (9/10) (AeB 18.)
When IF Nocerino is to expensive for you - get this guy. One of the best longshots I've ever used and he has a great all round game. Defensively sound and he is good at getting forward. 7/10 (DEOLTHEBEAST)
IF Asamoah (79 CAM/CM/CDM) Big, strong, powerful midfielder with an awesome left foot on the card, but it's a lie. Average at best. (5/10) (AeB 18.)
In CAM, he's a very good player, I found his shooting impressive, the idea that he defends from the front and battles is very welcome - 8/10 Moved him to CDM and he was less than impressive. Strictly average really, couldn't get involved - 5/10 (Obelisk8.)
IF Almirón (79 CM) Review Needed
IF Dzemaili (79 CM) IF Dzemaili - Average player, decent passing and not bad at set pieces. Shot isn't really very good, but his med workrates generally keep him in the middle of the pitch. (6/10) (S4LMO)
IF Gargano (80 CM/CDM) Just too small to be a holding mid on this game, and he doesn't have the attacking stats to work anywhere else. Which is a shame because he's amazing irl. (5/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Ramirez (81 CAM) Waste, he's not good. At all. (4/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Matuzalém (81 CM/CDM) Awful, can't pass, shoot, or defend, too small to win anything in the air, but his dribbling is ok. Lol? (2/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Nocerino (82 CDM/CM) Amazing little man, Solid Tackling and 1 hell of a shot, pretty awesome. 8/10 (Mikosper)
Best midfielder on the game, probably best at middle CM or a CDM pairing. Don't use him as the only CDM, that's not who he is. (10/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Jankovic (82 CDM/CM/CAM) Average. He's the Serbian NIF Hamsik (4/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Seedorf (82 CM/CDM) Awful, really slow, average passing and dribbling, his shot is just better than average. 4/10 (Mikosper)
IF Pjanic (82 CAM/CM) Good value for the coins. Can do pretty much everything but shoot. Really good passing and 4* skills. 7/10 (the Aimdown)
Best passer of the ball in the league, but his finishing is frustrating. Leaves a lot to be desired as a CF, which is his best position. (7/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Marchisio (83 CM/CDM) One of the best midfielders I have ever used. He is everywhere winning balls and works great with a more stationary CDM like Pirlo. His 3* skills and decent shot put him on level with Nocerino for me. 9/10. (redsoxfan54)
IF Mauri (83 CAM/CM) Pretty good, but he won't win any footraces. If you like left-footed free kicks he's your guy. Good at RCM, but he's overpriced due to rarity. (7/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Pirlo (84 CDM/CM) Not much improvement from the NIF, still pretty good though, excellent passing, slow, average shooting. 5/10 (Mikosper)
Very average until you send a through ball. Then he becomes dighwe;goiherw amazing! Free kicks are also u;ghweprighuewruhgh. (8/10) (AeB 18.)
SIF Marchisio (84 CM/CDM) Awesome, has a brilliant shot, great tackling, passing, pretty fast, a solid CDM for me. 7/10 (Mikosper)
Too fast for his own good, never has any stamina. When he isn't wheezing, he's the best midfielder in the league. (9/10) (AeB 18.)
As his stats suggest, he's an absolute beast in CM, only problem is his high/high workrates combined with pathetic stamina means he's always tired. When he's not though, you'll be glad you bought this guy. (7.5/10) (Farmer Mildred)
IF Vidal (84 CDM/CM) Not as dominant as IF Boateng, but carries out his defensive duties well while adding a whole new dimension to attack with his forward runs. Perfectly capable. 8/10 (EternalWitcher)
Very good, but I would take IF Boateng over him. But Vidal is cheaper so if you're on a budget get him. 7/10 (Mikosper)
IF Giovinco (84 */CF/CAM) Was too small and Didn't really do anything, Like Jovetic, Hoping someone gives a positive review. (5/10) (Mikosper)
The only option when you need a wide CAM. Not good anywhere else, shot leaves a lot to be desired. (8/10) (AeB 18.)
played him as a striker, I wouldn't get him there though I can imagine that he would be more suited to CAM. Too lightweight for me and can't shoot 80% of the time - 4/10 (Obelisk8.)
SIF Pirlo (85 CM/CDM) Amazing, Major improvement over the IF, has excellent shooting, passing and Dribbling, his passing is incredible also. 7/10. (Mikosper)
Great CDM just for his passing. The main difference between this one and the IF is that the SIF can hit longshots and isn't terribly slow. (10/10) (AeB 18.)
What a player. Doesn't ever give the ball away in the pass, consistently one of the best players, barely uses any energy but covers the areas that he has to. Only issue is that his slide tackling is average, but highly recommended - 9/10 (Obelisk8.)
IF Boateng (85 CDM/CM/CAM) Best in CM/CDM, amazing all rounder, good at everything. 8/10 (Mikosper)
Not as good as his price suggests, but he is a fun player to use. He does it all. Except passing, he's not good at passing. (8/10) (AeB 18.)
TOTY De Rossi (86 CDM/CM) His long shots are supreme, his heading is great. He's strong and hard to muscle off the ball. He defends very well and positions himself very well. Good passing it would appear too. Along with IF Vidal, they are the best CDMs in Serie A. (9/10) (Banomann)
As other reviewers have said, De Rossi is brilliant, he's a tank, wins headers makes decent passes and score huge longshots (not to mention decent finesses). A brilliant CDM, or even CM with high/high workrates to match. While he is probably the best CDM in the league, don't buy him unless you are loaded. If not, just buy IF Vidal, much cheaper and not much worse. (8.5/10) (Farmer Mildred)
What a Complete midfielder, he'll make the vital tackles, Score you screamers, and play that vital pass. A must buy for anyone who wants someone with a bit of everything! (10/10) (Davey D ftw)
A thuggish midfielder with aerial presence from corners and goal kicks that we so desperately needed. Oh, and he has good technique as well. He can kick the * out of someone one minute and then play a 1-2 and place a perfect finesse the next. Unbelievable in his role. (10/0) (AeB 18.)
TOTY Marchisio (88 CM/CDM) One of the best midfielders I have used, his passing is pinpoint and his shooting is excellent. Very rarely gets beaten in the air. Good positioning and enough pace to get back and defend after a burst forward. Only really let down by his strength, seems to get muscled off the ball too easily. 9/10 (JFColeman92)
Brilliant all round midfield player, sharp passing and good dribbling. He's able to tackle and win the ball back high up the pitch which sets him apart from other CAMs in the league. Only negative is that he only has 3* skills. 9/10 (afcmark15)
One of the most versatile midfielders in the Serie A. It’s like De Rossi and Pirlo had a baby. Claudio can defend, pass, shoot, and dribble with the best of them. The only downside is, he does all of it so well, and at such a high level of intensity and pace, it wears down his stamina rather quickly. I use him at RCM in a 433 so he might be less worked in a different position/formation. (8.5/10) (NG Raven 17)
The all around midfielder. He won't do anything wrong, but he won't excel. The jack of all trades but master of none so to speak. If you're after a specific role, there's better players. (7/10) (AeB 18.)
TOTY Pirlo (90 CM/CDM) He is the best passer of the ball in the game. He is unbelievably good. His longshots are also amazing, Definitely worth a buy. 10/10 (Mikosper)
As close to perfection as you can get form a midfielder. Passes are sharp and pinpoint accurate, short or long he'll find his team mate. Always in the right place to win the ball back, and when you're attacking he's always open to receive the ball. His free kicks are amazing, his dribbling is also great. 10/10 (afcmark15)
Simply the greatest deep-lying playmaker on the game. His short passing, long balls, crosses, and through balls are second to none. Upgrades to his strength and overall defensive abilities are definitely noticeable with the TOTY. I’ve had every version of Pirlo and this one by far outplays the others. Shooting wise, he can curve them in with either foot or bang them in low with a driven shot. FKs are nasty, just nasty. If you want to play beautiful football he’s the first midfielder in Serie A you should pick up. (11/10) (NG Raven 17)
A special player, he's very good at what he does. Don't use him anywhere outside of deep in the midfield, because he owns it there. (10/10) (AeB 18.)


IF Candreva (80 RM) Review Needed
TOTY Basta (80 RM) For around 11k -12k he has good all round stats but his 84 pace on the card he feels quicker and he has good tackling, 2* though. 7/10 (RoYaL BeAsTzZ)
Would be a good RM, but just not versatile enough for RW. Dusan’s got solid passing, good size and strength, decent pace, and impressive tackling. However, he lacks the positioning, agility, and weak foot/skill moves for RW. I’d take Gomez, Cerci, or Krasic over him for RW and IF Maggio over him for RM. (6.5/10) (NG Raven 17)
IF Maggio (82 RM) Don't play at RW. He's a defensive RM. Even Good at RB with 5/7 Chem, he has good passing, good shooting, good heading, good tackles and decent enough pace. 7/10 (Mikosper)
NOT a RF. NOT a RW. RM is pushing it, he's a RWB. Good at RB and RM for me, suicide at RF. (6/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Pepe (82 RM) Easily the worst RW I've used on this game. I've even used Maicon there. (3/10) (AeB 18.)
I found he was very useful at RM, good pace, good crossing, decent enough defensively, not too bad, could be worth buying if you can get him for 20k or less at any stage! - 7/10 (Obelisk8.)


IF Dossena (81 LM) Review Needed
IF Álvarez (82 LM) Nothing special but he has good crossing and also a great freekick. Only 3* skills is disappointing. 6/10 (S4LMO)
meh, not very good. 3* and left footed LM/LW means he won't score much, and everyone has 100 crossing on FIFA so that stat is irrelevant. (4/10) (AeB 18.)
can't understand the disappointing reviews that people are stating about him, I found him a very good little player, though he may not score many, he's good at crossing and has an odd tendency of popping up in some strange central positions providing a good finish. I'd have him back again - 7/10 (Obelisk8.)
IF Vucinic (83 LW/LM)Great shot when cutting in but i couldnt get him into good positions due to him having 3* skills and he felt really sluggish. imo Lavezzi is better. 6/10 (Hussm)
DO NOT play him LM, he's useless - 2/10 (Obelisk8.)
Great for cutting inside and shooting, but lacks the killer pace or skill level to do much on the ball.Passing's acceptable, and has supernatural powers to move defenders to keep himself onside. Master rebound shot collector, but Vezzi's better overall. 6/10 (UpsettJeLLyfish)
IF Lavezzi (86 LW/LM) Best LW on the game, absolutely amazing. 9/10 (Mikosper)
Was the best player in Serie A until the orange one, he's the best LW on the game. Better than CR7. Much better. (11/10) (AeB 18.)
MOTM Lavezzi (87 LW/LM) He's got pace, shooting, dribbling, the lot. He's better than the IF by a considerable amount, better than NIF Ronaldo and on par with SIF Ribery. (9/10) (x iGazza)


IF Osvaldo (79 STR) Review Needed
IF Del Piero (82 STR/CF) Fun player to use as a CF, really good ball control and dribbling. His freekicks are awesome and have lots of curve. Having 5* weak foot means you can hit a shot with either foot. Only let down is his pace and heading. 7/10 (S4LMO)
Very slow, but very fun. Probably because I love Del Piero irl. (7/10) (AeB 18.)
Absolute legend in real life, thoroughly enjoy playing with him, beautiful right foot, but I'd play him CAM every time - 8/10 (Obelisk8.)
IF Milito (83 STR) Review Needed
IF Jovetic (83 STR/CF/CAM) I personally found him dreadful despite his 5*, hopefully someone can give a positive review. 3/10 (Mikosper) - Can shoot with both feet. 5* skill moves and decent all round player. Best position is CF. 8/10 (the Aimdown)
Amazing goal scorer. I say goalscorer because he's not really good at any position. Not good at much else really, except being 5* and scoring goals. Walks through people. Try him, you'll see what I mean. (7/10) (AeB 18.)
Shocking, shocking player. Couldn't use him at all! - 1/10 (Obelisk8.)
IF Matri (84 STR) Nothing special, pretty average player, his finishing is good and his heading is quite good too. 6/10 (S4LMO)
Not really much better than the awful NIF. Which is a shame because he's a top class striker irl. (7/10) (AeB 18.)
Though on occasion he'd pull a beautiful finish out of the bag, he's an incredibly frustrating player to use. Not the best IF - 5/10 (Obelisk8.)
Completely disagree with the other reviews. Has great strength which makes his reasonable pace seem even faster. Can finish with both feet, long shots and volleys are deadly. Heading is useful too. 8/10 (Emerald Arrow)
SIF Vucinic (84 STR) His passing is good, he has a good shot, decent pace and his strength aint too bad for around 13-15k it's a good price well worth it 7/10 (RoYaL BeAsTzZ)
SIF Jovetic (84 STR/CF/CAM) Decent improvement on the IF version, is quicker and i find he pop's up in the box more often compared to his IF(didnt get along with IF verson), dribbling have improved and shooting it slightly better, heading has improved quite a bit, NOT to be used as a STR though CF and CAM only... still gets barged off the ball. 8/10 (DeAtH-aToMiC)
Great player. The IF was good but with upgraded pace and shooting this one is even better. Has the skills and pace to beat people, and has a great shot from close or far. Use at CF- he is wasted out wide. 9.5/10 (Stirkee)
Very good CF, a decent improvement over his IF. He's got the pace, finishing, ball control and decent passing. He can even get on the end of headers. And he's got 5* skills. If you've got the money, buy him, he's the best CF in the league. (9.5/10) (Farmer Mildred)
Massive improvement on the IF version. He's a magician with the ball at his feet and can pick out a pass too! However, his finesse shots seem poor to me. If you want to shoot, Hit it hard. Very Solid Player. (8/10) (Davey D ftw)
MOTM/Special IF Milito (84 STR) Really, really good striker, but he's not his FUT11 self. Sadface. (8/10) (AeB 18.)
I used this one before the NIF, found him okay, though I sometimes expected more from his 99 finishing. Having said this, comparing to his NIF, he's a far better player, though he frustrates me in his lack of heading ability. 7/10 (Obelisk8.)
IF Miccoli (84 STR/CF/CAM) Amazing at everything except heading. 9/10 (Mikosper)
he is brilliant. I loved the NIF, so I sold three quarters of my team to use this one, and he is just quality, all bar his heading. It's a shame he's so rare, making him so expensive, I would recommend him if you like the normal one, purely because he's even better, which I found seriously hard to beat! - 9.5/10 (Obelisk8.)
IF Totti (84 STR/CF/CAM) Really slow, but his shot is probably the best I've used this year, it's just unreal, good at everything except pace and heading. 8/10 (Mikosper)
Awesome at anywhere from CF to CM. Skillful, amazing passing and shooting, and he's good at free kicks. (8/10) (AeB 18.)
not too impressed, has a good shot, but that's all I saw in him - 5/10 (Obelisk8.)
IF Denis (84 STR) Average player though he has a lethal shot, great heading and good strength too. Not what i'd expect from his card stats though. 6.5/10 (S4LMO)
IF Di Vaio (84 STR) Better than Matri, and a nice little gem. But he is less than stellar when you can get players like Milito or Palacio (5/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Palacio (84 STR/CF/CAM) Amazing. Lethal finisher whos fast, 4*, good passing, crossing, shooting and dribbling. 8/10 (Mikosper)
Awesome awesome awesome little player! Top quality, anywhere from STR to CAM. Can do anything going forward. (10/10) (AeB 18.)
Great ball control and a hell of a shot! As a Flair player, he's one of the better ones. However, he does go missing in some games out wide. (7.5/10) (Davey D ftw)
SIF Miccoli (85 STR/CF/CAM) I Play him CAM in 3-5-2 and he is Amazing, really supports Ibra and Di Natale upfront and gets the occasional longshot in, some people love him and some hate him, I happen to love him. 8/10 (Mikosper)
He's good, but not worth the extra 90k from his NIF. The only major difference is that hes quicker. With this in mind, his dribbling is terrible, he's not as agile as his NIF and nor does he have as good close control as his NIF. His long shot is good, but I took quite a bit and all just hit the crossbar/goal keeper. His power is also good but nothing significantly higher than the NIF. His finishing is amazing, but then too is NIF Miccolis finishing. Not worth the 90k imo, I feel a lot more comfortable playing with the NIF. 5/10 (Beerjuice)
IF Pazzini (85 STR) He's sweet when you realize you won't score headers with him. His finishing is great, but don't try anything from range. His pace will send him through a lot, and he doesn't miss from close. (7/10) (AeB 18.)
my favourite striker on the game. No questions. His heading is brilliant, he finishes everything you'd expect him to. Just incredible. It took me 2 games to get to grips with him, but since then, he's scored on average just under 2 goals a game, which is very impressive. Get him! - 10/10 (Obelisk8.)
Great finisher for the most part, but occasionally lacked a killer finish from time to time. Great dribbling and deceptive pace. Don't expect the long shots to fly though! Much better strikers on offer but as good a poacher as you could wish for. (7/10) (Davey D ftw)
IF Cassano(85 STR/CF/CAM) Hands down, my favorite Serie A CF for a 4231. Combine his pixel-perfect passing with his vision and you get someone who never places a ball short of perfect. His 96 ball control and great balance makes up for his lack of strength. In the right hands, no one takes the ball from this Italian. His shot power leaves a bit more to be desired but finesse and medium/close range finishing are good. He’s useless in the air of course, so just utilize his excellent positioning and volley it top shelf. (9/10) (NG Raven 17)
He has great balance and outstanding ball control, what i really love about him is his long shot. His long shot is amazing, I Usually scores from outside the box with this guy! 8/10 (Sariroti)
IF Klose (85 STR) well....he scores. A lot. But he's the player you don't notice has a hattrick every game until after the game's over. Goes missing far too often. (6/10) (AeB 18.)
Really good, play in a Duo with a pacey striker to make him play at his best. 8/10 (Mikosper)
IF Robinho (85 STR/CF/CAM/CM) Despite the lack of improvement on card stats, in game he seemed a big improvement over his NIF, especially with shooting. 7/10 (Mikosper)
TOTY Hamsik (86 CF/CAM) Scores loads of goals, long range to finesse's. Great passer and can also bag in a few headers if needed. Decent pace to run past defenders. 9/10 (SquidMan92)
A goal scoring machine. He’s got 36 in 70 for me from RCM in a 433. Marek always pops up in the right place at the right time, either to put in a sweet through ball or banging in a nice low driven shot. Definitely a game changer. (9/10) (NG Raven 17)
He's very average, or he was for me. I tried him at CF, CAM, and CDM in a 4231 and he ws completely outclassed by the better TOTY midfielders. If you're on a budget, give him a go. Otherwise get Marchisio or Di Natale. (6/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Cavani (88 STR) Not worth 400k, hes really good, but theres better Strikers for cheaper 6/10 (Mikosper)
I love him and I'm way too biased to give a review. I didn't take my penalties with him and he averaged two goals a game, so that's saying something. Complete striker, can't wait for TOTY. (9/10) (AeB 18.)
IF Ibrahimovic (89 STR/CF) Not a noticeable difference from the NIF. Not worth the coins. 7/10 (the Aimdown)
MOTM Cavani (89 STR/CF) Review Needed
SIF Ibrahimovic (90 STR/CF) Best Striker in the game. That is all. 10/10 (Mikosper)
Best striker in the game and easily worth the coins. One man army. 10/10 (the Aimdown)
TOTY Di Natale (90 STR/CF/CAM) Once again, the legend does not disappoint. CAM, CF, or S T, he can do it all. Compared to the NIF, you will definitely notice the upgrade in his acceleration, agility, and shooting. His long shots are just unfair; best thing is you never have to pick a strong side for he can bang them in with either foot with ease. Power or finesse, just take your pick, press B, and smile! Despite his size, he still scored 33 for me in 15 games at S T in a 433. (9.5/10) (NG Raven 17)
Ibra's foil. He's quick, but small. He's a technical striker and not a physically imposing powerhouse like Ibra. His shooting, finishing, dribbling, and passing are top notch. (9/10) (AeB 18.)
Absolutely Amazing. Worth every coin. (10/10) (Mikosper)
TOTY Ibrahimovic (94 STR/CF) TOTY Ibra- Perfection in a striker. Does everything and does everything well. (10/10) (AeB 18.)

4* Skillers:
El Kabir
Di Natale
Raphael Martinho
Del Piero
Barreto (Udinese)

5* Skillers:
El Shaarawy

Forumers Teams:

It's best to PM it instead of posting it incase I miss it.

Mikosper: 28/05/12

the AimDown: 28/05/12

Rippee: 28/05/12

MBQ-NERD: 28/05/12

AeB 18: 29/05/12

JFColeman92: 31/05/12

EternalWitcher: 2/06/12



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A common occurring question on ut forums is:
" what is the best serie a striker?". Or...
" what's the best pairing for serie a strikers?"
I aim to accurately try and help poeple to find answers to both of these questions.

-What is the best serie a striker?-
Okay firstly you have to concider a few things:
Players Style of play
Your level/style of play

COST - there really isn't much of a point in piling huge amounts of cash on a striker if your team is lacking in many places elsewhere luckily there are a great deal of decent strikers available
In serie a to choose from without breaking out 20 jumbos.

FORMATION - formation is a big deal in setting out to find an ideal striker for your team, for example if you have a team where you only have one striker up frount, you should make sure you spend your coin on somebody that will be able to use skills (if you can use them) or be able to able to track runs forward.

PLAYER STYLE OF PLAY - okay you've heard of anything on these forums you hear about the way they generaly play, weather they are able to just jump over chalenges, pure pace or being able to hold off challenges... This also Needs to be adapted to the rest of your team for example if you have a lot of skill players in your midfield/Wong you might want to pick a strong shooting type player for your striker to even it out.

YOUR LEVEL OF PLAY - this section is only really applicable to your own ego's so all I'm going to say is... If you can't/won't perform skill moves don't buy a 5 star skill player and moan that he can't score from 35 yard.

My personal prefrence is:
Alexandre Pato as a first choice striker just for his shear well alround redness
He's got a good amount of pace, he's very agile and can dribble/skill his way around most defences with his 5 star skill moves... He has excellent finishing from inside the box and is exceptional at curling shots from along the edge of the area... He's also pretty cheap for around 10k he's the obvious choice.

A good replacement for pato would be:
IF palacio

But if you're just starting out I seriously recomend zarate, he's just a notch below pato but nearly does everything as well.

-Best serie A pairing-
Okay there's two ways to look at this:

Balance - most people playing 2 up frount will opt for a balanced frount line consisting of a skill/pace and shoot/strenght, I also prefer
To use this style of my attacking 2 as it allows for a wider style of Play so that the opponent doesn't just have one obvious way of dealing with your attacks here's an example of what I mean;
If I have 2 pace/skill players in my attack the opponent will know all he/she has to do is keep deffenders around the box and to track run from those players and force then to shoot outside the box, with a balenced frount line the opponent n
Now has to concider that I may force my way into the box with strenght or shoot from outside of the box OR even hold up play to allow my midfield to join in the attack.

Attack - okay this is pretty simple to explain, both attacking forwards are generaly used by pace abusers... I'm not an extream hater of pace abbusers as its actually a valid style of play that some teams IRL use to good effect and as such deffences should adapt to be able to deal with them, attacking frount line will generaly be two pace/skill players with little or no other striking options than skilling or being able to find the right pass consistantly to score thus this is not advised for any player starting off or with a weak midfield.

Balance strikers prefrence:
Ibrahamovic - pato
(If?) Denis/ Di Natalie - zarate/if palacio

Attacking striker prefrence:
Pato / (if) robiniho
Zarate / if Palacio

Anyway, I hope this guide helps to steer some of you in the right direction of the strikers that are right for you and if not just buy someone you like the look of for as cheap as you can find him try him out and if you don't like him sell him on and buy someone else.

If anyone has any questions on serie a strikers I'll be glad to answer any private messages.

P.s I wrote this on my iPhone so if auto correct has kicked in I'm sorry about that.

Thanks to DeAtH-aToMiC for posting this.

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At least you beat Crawford

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Maf1a727 wrote:I saw we make this one the official one.

Me too Want a HOF?

blackers19 wrote:At least you beat Crawford


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blackers19 wrote:At least you beat Crawford

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Mikosper wrote:
Maf1a727 wrote:I saw we make this one the official one.

Me too Want a HOF?


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It's not official yet

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Should do if we stop going in chat

Can't wait for Cavani too, hopefully they change his workrates

Also Serie A Season in 4 days

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