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I thought I would make this for all the new guys coming onto the forum in time for the start.

The Forum

Where best to start about UT12, than the place where the FIFA Community thrives. Here you will find answers to almost any question UT related.

You can discuss your favourite leagues, teams and everything that's happening in the UT world. But first, I will talk you through the "forum terminology" you will find here:

c = Coins

k = thousands of coins (500k = 500,000 coins)

TOTW: Every week, a selection of players will recieve upgraded cards, based on their Real Life performances of the previous week. Revealed on Tuesday, released on Wednesday, 6pm GMT. Collectively known as the Team Of The Week

Incase you're wondering what it is, KillerHurtz1337 has prepared the first one for the community

IF: In Form, name given to the upgraded card of each of the Team of the Week players

SIF: Second In Form, name given to an upraded card who has featured in the Team Of The Week for the second time. The same goes for TIF (Third in Form) and so on.

NIF: If there is an IF of a player, people will refer to his normal version as NIF, basically meaning Not In Form, so people can distinguish between the various upgrades

TOTY: Team of the Year, similar to Team of the Week, except given based on a players' performance for the whole year

There, now that's out of the way

Links to League Lounges
K.League by LostCattle:
English PL by Maf1a727:
Serie A by Mikosper:
SPL/Eredivisie by Darth me1 and Joeyalltheseven:
Brazil by o Ch4rnl3y x and xAndyi:
Ligue 1 by psgfan101:
RPL by Xtreme Sabotage:
English Lower League by Eddieww:
MLS by Ravenzrule07:
La Liga by Zes7y:
Liga Portuguesa by Hala x Madrid:

Here, you will find various sections such as trading, UT11, UT12, Real Football etc. Each are monitored by dedicated moderators, who will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

Community Manager


Forum Admin


Xbox 360 FUT Senior Mods


Xbox 360 FUT Moderators


Xbox 360 FUT Trial Moderators


PS3 FUT Senior Moderator


PS3 FUT Moderators


FUT 12 General - Senior Moderator


FUT 12 General - Moderators


FUT 12 General - Trial Moderators


FIFA 12 Core - Senior Moderator


FIFA 12 Core - Moderators

|Sir Marty|

Real Football - Senior Moderator


Real Football - Moderators

|Sir Marty|

PC - Senior Moderators


General Moderators / Roaming / Game-changers - These moderators mainly deal with reported posts from all areas rather than browsing any particular one area.


Here, you can even get in touch with EA employees, such as EA FLT, and EA Yasha, both game developers for the Ultimate Team franchise.

Here is a link to the EA forum section index:

The do's and don't's of the forums

If you want to be helped here, these are the things that you must (or mustn't) do here


Always be helpful
make positive contributions
Be friendly
Be fun


be rude to other forumers
Break any forum rules
Troll (not offering positive contribution)
Steal avatars/sigs, there are plenty to go round

New Forum Sections

This section is for everyone, as the forum recently underwent huge reconstruction. At the request of KillerHurtz, here is a guide to all new sections:

Community Assistance (DEFUNCT)

In the past few weeks, all giveaways, sigs, avatars and TeamBuilding could be found here. However due to bad forum feedback, the section is no more. Find out what happened to it all in later sections

PC/360/PS3 Community Centre (NEW)

In place of the 3 trading centres, there is now Community Centres. But they still follow on the same lines

Graphics and Media

Place for all the sigs and avatar makers, as well as youtube, where you can find sigs and avatars and vids

Leagues and Tournaments

Taking the place of the Community Events forum, we have the forum organised tournaments

Off Topic (REMAINS)

A well recieved forum change, will remain in the FUT section. For all Off topic discussion


Twitter is where you will find out about all upcoming UT news. EA FLT releases the Team of the Week every Tuesday night, via this account:!/TheRealGraoully

You can also follow EASportsFIFA on twitter, via this account:!/EASPORTSFIFA

EA Football World

Most likely where you found this forum, here you can find the FUT podcasts by Christophe and Paul. Various competitions, with prizes such as free Premiership tickets, and in game rewards.

You can also upload your favourite goals to this website, and access the FUT12 web-app, where you can manage your squads, chemistry, and trade (see later sections).

The Web-App

The Web-app is an online application, allowing the user to buy and sell players, and manage squads. It will go live at around 5pm GMT on Tuesday 20th September.

Problems with the web app?:

If you attempt to login to the web app and are presented with an error message telling you that you are still logged into your console, do the following:

- Boot up your console
- Boot up FIFA 12
- Enter FUT
- Exit FUT

Presto! You can now login to the web app!

We're looking into a fix for this, however to avoid this in the future, simply make sure you properly exit FUT before shutting off your console.

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The Market

The Market is where you can buy and sell your players, for profit, and to get the players you desperately need to finish off your squad.

It works very much like an Ebay style market, with the option to bid for players in an online auction, or buy the player now, if you can't stand waiting

You can also send trade offers of players of equal value. A players' value is mainly determined by their rating and cardweight (how many times they appear in packs).

On the trading forums, you can even arrange trades with other forumers.

Money Management

One thing you don't do in UT, is fly into buying players, as you can soon end up potless. If you're buying a team, you must know approximately how much each player will cost. So you don't spend more than you need to, or worse, be left with half a team. This is where TeamBuilders come in, they often know the market, and can guide you into what players to buy, how much to pay, formations and more

You should always have a back-up plan. If you make a couple bad trades, you should always have about 10-20k to fall back on, so you have enough to start trading again

Hidden Gems

You've got a player in a pack, but you're not sure if he is valuable, here are the things to check for:

If he has 4 or 5* skills (found in in-game stats screen, via the pause menu) The skillers here will pay a lot to use him.

high rating, the most obvious

forum reviews: If the player has good reviews from the community, his value goes up

Current market rarity: If there is only 4 or 5 of said player, he is rarer, and thus more valuable


When it comes down to it, what do most want from Ultimate Team? To get the team they strive for. But before you dive headlong into buying the best, there's a few things you should know first:

Chemistry: Chemistry is a returning idea from previous editions of Ultimate Team, and determines how well the team will play together. This is determined by factors such as same nationalities, same league, same club, position and formation. A player who has all of these with his Team-mates will play much better than a player who doesn't. Managers also affect your chemistry, without nation links to the players, or a correct formation, he is pointless

Contracts: every player and manager is on a contract, different contracts can be found on the market, of different values. Once a player is out of contract, he cannot be used until the contract is renewed.

Fitness: If you run a player into the ground, his fitness goes down. If a player lacks high fitness, he won't perform as well. Fitness can be recovered by fitness cards, or simply rotating the squad

Morale: If you lose a match, your team's morale goes down. As with fitness, low morale = low performance. This can be recovered by morale cards, or winning matches

Star Rating: All of your players count towards an overall team rating. You will be matched with players of a similar overall rating

Back-up Plan

Always keep at least 2 squads. So that, if your main squad gets injured/low fitness, you can rest them. You can even play with your 2nd team only to raise funds for your main squad


In game tournaments, all have certain entry requirements (x amount of players from same nation, etc.) A max/min star rating, and a star prize.

You can either play offline, against the AI, or online, against other members of the Community. The reward will be higher if you play online

In the Community Events section of the forum, Forum organised tournaments/leagues are held, with much bigger prize funds. The requirements are decided by the tournament host

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Money Making Techniques

No doubt, this will be the most popular section of the guide

Technique: Buy low, Sell high
Description: capitalise on bargains in the market by buying them, and selling them for a higher price
Pros: can result in huge profit if you know what you are doing
Cons: You really need to know the market, if you want high success here
Success rate: 3/5

Technique: 59th Minute
Description: Capitalise on mistakes by sellers who don't know the market, by purchasing huge bargains
Pros: probably the biggest bargains to be found are here
Cons: takes a while to get there, and you will go through a lot of competition to get those deals
Success Rate: 2/5

Technique: Discard method
Description: you can discard gold players for a few hundred coins, if you can find them on the market for lower, it's slow, easy coins
Pros: a secure method, you can't really lose money on it
Cons: takes a while to get anywhere with it, loses huge amount of bid tokens if using the web-app
Success Rate: 4/5

Note: On web-app, you are looking for the "quick sell" button

for discards there's a formula you can use to work out them:

Bronze = OVR * 0.3
Silver = OVR * 1.5
Gold = OVR * 4

Rare Bronze = OVR * 0.75
Rare Silver = OVR * 3.5
Rare Gold = OVR * 8

IF Bronze = OVR * 20
IF Silver = OVR * 70
IF Gold = OVR * 122

(Values are then rounded to the nearest whole number)

With credit to Chuzzzzz.

Technique: High Value Pack-Pulls
Description: You can get packs of players and consumables in packs. Find a high value player, or even better, a TOTW player, and you could have enough coins to build a dream team 3 times over
Pros: not relying on other gamers for success
Cons: Extremely low Success Rate
Success Rate: 0.5/5


Last year, Autobuyers were used by the Computer Geniuses amongst us to take bargains before everyone else. EA is coming down hard on these. But there is no guarantee they won't be used again


Packs give you players, staff, consumables, and other accessories for you club. They come in 3 categories. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each giving player value corresponding to their name.

Under each category, lies Reular, or Premium. Premium gives you more chance of getting rare players than Regular, but at higher price.


As of UT11, you can play your online friends with your Ultimate Team, without affecting contracts etc.

If they are online, you can play them. Or you can just play their team, with an AI opponent

play the TOTW

as mentioned earlier, a TOTW is released every Wednesday. Now you can play against the TOTW. In an offline match

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The most important section to read. Unfortunately, this still happens, under various disguises. First off, give your e-mail, password and security question to absolutely no one.

Also, never use your EA log-in to a site that does not have the URL "". People will send you links to a website, disguised as an EA site, when in fact, it is a dud, and as soon as they have your log-in, your players and coins are theirs.

Never respond to someone who says he is an EA representative who asks for your e-mail and password, as he is also a scammer.

If you enter your details, change your password ASAP. There may be a chance that they don't have time to hack in

Also, don't do cross-console trading unless you 100% absolutely trust your middle-man, as he can easily run off with your players. But, don't put too much faith in an online friend

Scenario A

you've been hacked, and you're not sure how. But you think it might be that fake duplication website you used last week. What do you do?

Unfortunately, nothing. It will be seen as your fault you were hacked. You can try on here for a kind soul to donate, but many will tell you to move on

Scenario B

You've been cheated. A so-called cross-console "trader" has done a runner with your coins. What do you do?

Now, here's some better news. If you can provide sufficient evidence against the scammer (pm's, screenshots), you can pm Ea Yasha. The scammer may recieve an EA Account perma-ban, and you may recieve compensation. Nothing is guaranteed though

Forum Assistance

various forumers offer help with Ultimate Team and forum related issues.

you can ask various sig/avatar makers to give you sigs/avatars, just like mine. If you're having trouble with using them, here's a tutorial, courtesy of lVloosh:

If you need Team Ideas, there are TeamBuilders around who will happily offer their advice on any problems you find


If you have created a UT11 account prior to August 16th, you are entitled to 2 free gold packs. Simply log-in to the web-app on September 20th to claim them

to post Youtube videos, all you need to do is post this:

[youtube*]web-address here[/youtube*]

without the *

for Images:

[img*]Image URL here[/img*]

again, without the *.

Above every post, you have the option to directly speak relating to their post, the can be done using the "quote" function, found above their post

Forum messaging

to message someone on here, click the pm button beneath one of their posts. Or, click "compose pm" (under private messages) and search for their forum ID.

Thanks for viewing, and it will be updated when it's needed to

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Web-App tutorials

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how kind

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Put!/TheFakeGraoully in the OP too

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good idea

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All the new players will probly only want money making tips though.

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